Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Renaming the Fam

Well, my husband and I had a good talk yesterday about Internet privacy, and decided it would be a good idea to stop using our family's real names on the blog. So get used to reading about...

  • C. Beth--I'm keeping this as my name since I don't want to change the blog name.
  • The Engineer--My smarty pants husband
  • Chickie--Our almost-three-year-old daughter (shortened version of her nickname: Chickie Poo Poo).
  • Zoodle--Our six-month-old baby boy. Name is from Sandra Boynton's Silly Lullaby, which I sing to Eli every day. Many, many times a day.
  • Hammer--Our dog's name is staying as-is. If you want a hyper Schnauzer who likes to grab food off the countertops, feel free to use this information to track him down and steal him. Just kidding. Sort of.
Please use our new names in your comments. Thanks!


beckiwithani said...

Does this mean you have to go back to all your old posts and change those names? Blech! Cute names, though.

Kerri said...

My hubby is super paranoid about the internet too. They have our best interests at heart though right?

Michelle Brunner said...

In these crazy times I guess this is the smart thing to do! I really like the name Zoodle....:)

Angie said...

The new names will definitely take some getting used to. Heck, I never knew your hubby was an engineer! LOL I completely understand. I've made sure there's no mention of my last name, and that my location is set to somewhere fictional.

Anonymous said...

Great idea. You just never know about people these days. You came up with some great names :-).