Saturday, October 18, 2008

Garage sale!

A lot of people hate garage sales. And I can understand why. The Engineer, for instance, doesn't see why he'd want to spend his time digging through junk that other people don't want when we have plenty of junk in our own house.

And sometimes "garage sale-ing" is frustrating. You can spend hours going to sale after sale, finding absolutely nothing worth buying.

Then there's days like today...the days that make me love garage sales. Chickie, Zoodle, doggie Hammer, and I went on our morning walk, which we usually skip on the weekends. I tucked a few bucks in my pocket, knowing we'd probably encounter at least one sale, and wanting to be ready just in case I found something good. We saw a sign, and headed in that direction.

I'd just like to say, people who understand garage sales--who understand that to get rid of stuff you have to price it low--are tops in my book. Especially when they have little kids. And especially when they take care of their stuff. We hadn't been at the sale for more than a couple of minutes when I realized I'd have to hit an ATM and come back with my car to take home my haul.

We got...

a bunch of books in great condition,

some random toys,

A real TEMPUR-PEDIC pillow (don't worry, the thick cover is washable, and it doesn't even look used!),

a double-sided easel, and a Sesame Street couch/futon thing...

all for $25.50. Score!!!

The Engineer was very impressed with the pillow ($2.) He and I already use TEMPUR-PEDIC pillows, and they cost an arm and a leg new. Think I'll eventually convert The Engineer to the cult of garage-salers?


Anonymous said...

It IS true that "one man's trash is another man's treasure!"

I am at a stage in my life when I enjoy having them, but don't shop at them much. But, I remember a time when I saved lots of money at them. It looks like you hit a reallllly good one!

beckiwithani said...

Wow, you REALLY scored! I'm jealous!

Our Scoop said...

Total Score!! My Engineer doesn't understand them or thrift stores either...maybe it is an engineering brain wirey thing :)

Anonymous said...

Great finds! I am not a good garage sale or thrift store shopper so I am envious of people who strike it good at those! That fold out sofa you have will be great for Zoodle to play on now. Olivia sits in the corner and plays away and if she falls she is nice and cushioned!


Angie said...

Total score! I love finding good sales. Paige is jealous of the Cars & Bob the Builder books. I recognize those big girl panties. Paige is wearing a matching pair right now!

C. Beth said...

Sandra--Well, then, you have the sales, and I'll shop them. The Engineer doesn't like having garage sales and I'm not motivated enough to do it on my own! :)

Becki--I know, huh?!

K--I agree! Engineer brains definitely have their own unique (and lovable) characteristics.

Sarah--Oh, great idea, I'll have to introduce Zoodle to the couch tomorrow.

Angie--I was in a hurry picking out books and didn't realize I'd gotten three of the SAME Cars books! I'll send one of them to you with your bear (when I get it made)!

Shannon said...

Awesome! I love garage sales! And church sales. And thrift shops!

Special K said...

we got our fusher price barn at a garage sale as well! We have that easel too I think (IKEA?) Supervised, I let Sylvie use dry erase markers and an eraser on the white side and she LOVES this.

Becky said...

Wow! You found a good garage sale!

I love garage sales, but I cruise by slowly first to see if they have any kids' stuff visible. If not, I skip it. But I have bought most of Natalie's wardrobe at garage sales, and her closet is filled with like-new clothes from Baby Gap, The Children's Place, etc. that I've gotten for incredibly cheap! It's great because she's the first girl baby in our family in 15 years, so that means we don't get any hand-me-downs, unlike with my son.

Bri said...

Drive by yard-salers are a big pet peeve around here LoL You can't really get an idea of what we have unless you get out and look. I digress... Awesome finds Beth!!! I price most of my stuff real cheap. But my friend has TONS of Gymbo stuff that she sells BNWT that she wants atleast half for but you get people turning up their noses or asking to go super low on them. Annoys us too! LoL Next time I have a sale Ill let you know, you can make a trip all the way to Savannah just to find some good stuff HA!