Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chickie's New House

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When Zoodle went in for his six month appointment last week, I found out he'd outgrown his infant seat. By an inch and a half. That's kind of a lot. So that day I ordered a new big boy carseat for him. (Psst--I got it on Amazon and got 10% off by using the code VISABABY and my Visa card. I think you may even be able to get the discount without using your Visa card. The code is good on all baby items sold BY AMAZON [not by third parties on Amazon.])

Well, Chickie was interested in this big ol' carseat box. She climbed onto a chair, then lowered herself into the box.

And then I had a flashback to a post by my friend Megan, talking about the little doorways her husband made out of a box.

I grabbed a box cutter and created a playhouse for Chickie.

It has a door that opens and closes... a window... another window, with shutters... a skylight with shutters.

Chickie loves her little house. At first she wanted me to get inside with her...

...but then she discovered how fun it is for her to get inside while I stand outside, knocking on the door. She opens the door and I pretend to be someone (the mail carrier, Grammy, Felicia the Night-Night Fairy, etc.)

We really need to get a new refrigerator so that we can make her a skyscraper next.


Anna said...

That's soo cute!
Isn't it great when the simple things make them happy?

Anonymous said...

My SIL who is a teacher says that kids don't do enough "imagining" (like using cardboard boxes as play houses) in their play any more, and it shows in their lack of problem solving ability when they get to school. So, good for you!

Our Scoop said...

Soooo cute! Don't you love that she uses her imagination on something free!!?? I loved the refrigerator box that my parents got when I was little. My mom even helped me make curtains! I vote for you getting the new fridge! With your skills Beth, you could probably make the fanciest "skyscraper/penthouse" ever!

LEstes65 said...

Oh my goodness! That last picture is just too adorable!

When we got our flat screen TV, that box house lasted for MONTHS! The boys had me cut out a little side window by the front door to match OUR house. Too funny. It was repaired over and over (thank you whoever invented duct tape!).

When you make that skyscraper, call me. I want in on that play time!!!

Special K said...


Becky said...

And to think, some people spend hundreds of dollars on fancy wooden playhouses, when a plain ol' box will do just as well! Actually, better, since you can install windows and doors (and skylights! love that touch!) at will.

Very cute!