Friday, October 3, 2008


Thanks for the great response to the lip gloss giveaway!

I randomly chose two responses using's random number generator. They were response numbers 17 and 18. Congratulations to...

(Karen's sister)
Karen (who gets a free gloss for sending Amy)

And last, but not least, Sasha, you sent so many people my way that you're a winner too.

If you didn't win, keep checking the blog for future giveaways! I hope to have another one very soon. And check out my grandma's Avon site for some great deals, including $1.99 for these glosses. To get that particular offer (for a very limited time), and to get free shipping on any order (again, limited time), check out the instructions at the bottom of the original post.

WINNERS, please send your full name, mailing address, credit card number/expiration date/code on back, Social Security number, and home phone number to me. Nah, just kidding--but I will need your full name and mailing address so that I can have Avon send the glosses you want. Also let me know what color you want--see the bottom of the original post for instructions on choosing a color. You can contact me at cbethblog (at) gmail (dot) com


Dan & Hillary said...

Your grandma still does Avon?! What a gal she must be:-)

Our Scoop said...

SWEET! I feel bad winning though!! But I guess you can't beat random! I never win anything!!

Love it!! K