Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sandra's blog post yesterday was an excellent post about giving specific compliments. I get so much out of the blogs I read, and I wanted to take a minute to tell some of you fellow bloggers what I really enjoy about you and your writings.

Angie, I always know when I post something geeky that you will relate to it, and I mean that as a high compliment! I think it's so cool how you and Ronnie partner up in parenting and occasionally even in blogging. I wish you lived closer, but maybe one of us can visit the other again sometime. Oh, and Mojo ROCKS!!!!

Anna, you do such a great job as a mom to three boys! Pictures tell a lot, and your boys look so happy. I know a whole lot of that has to do with their loving mom.

Becky, I feel like we've gotten to know each other through blogging, and that has been fun! You are so encouraging in leaving so many comments, and your you have a knack for writing entertaining stories in a natural "voice".

Blite Not Whack, your blog posts about The Diva are entertaining! She is such a smart little girl and SO adorable. I'm looking forward to reading more as she grows up and keeps coming up with funny things to say. Oh, I love your blog title, too.

Bri, it amazes me that you manage to blog with five kids, even when your husband was deployed! You are a confident, loving mama. Your kids are lucky to have you, and your country is blessed with the sacrifices you guys make for us.

Brook, I love the conscientious, involved style to your parenting, as it's conveyed in your blog posts. Garrett is a lucky baby and I expect him to grow up confident and secure. I definitely relate to you as a mom.

Caroline, every time I see you've posted, I'm excited! You are such a funny, devoted mama, and your ability to keep your posts from becoming too wordy has helped me. You have one of the best humor blogs I've read.

Claire, I'm so glad you've started blogging! I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures since you have such a talent for photography. Give kisses to your sweet boys for me! I miss you!

Dwell and Cultivate, you are a natural blogger and I look forward to reading your new post every day! I've always loved your wisdom, so getting a daily dose of it (along with some laughter here and there) is a privilege, from so many miles away.

Faith of All Crafts, your beautiful crafts are inspiring, and you have been inspiring to me as a parent for a long time. I hope I can do as well with two kids as you do with four! One of these days we'll meet in person; I think I'm due for a trip to AZ before long.

Hillary, you are an inspiration to me with your bold faith! I'm psyched to meet you guys in person next week...woo hoo!!!

K (The Scoop), I am SO blessed to have gotten back in touch with you after all the years apart! Your blog makes it obvious that you and P are such devoted, involved parents, and DD is happy, loved, and adorable. Thank you for being such an awesome, loving friend. You are a treasure!

Kara, your blog is such a great idea and also the absolute cutest, best-looking blog I've seen. I'm excited to see it catch on as you keep writing, and I'm looking forward to trying more of your recipes! Also, thanks for taking part in my other blog; I love reading your one minute writings!

, you are such a precious real life friend, and I'm so glad you've shared your blog with me! Your joy in parenting shines through--it may not always be easy, but you were made to be a mama.

Kerri, you are my hero for your ability to write funny blog posts that are short and easy to read. Want to give some non-verbosity lessons? I'll be first in line!

Jonah Lisa, you so totally impress me with what a hands-on mom you are...all the crafts, your genuine commitment to protecting the earth, and the fantastic dishes you cook. And I'm loving the Sheriff's Log!

Lyndsay, you are SO funny. You're a mom who juggles a lot, and you're able to be honest about the joys and struggles of parenting while making me laugh in agreement. I also love keeping in touch with you by e-mail, and I wish you were a "real life" friend. Want to move to my neighborhood?

Megan, you have so much God-given wisdom and I'm so glad you share it through your blog. It's beautiful to see where God has taken your life. You're such an awesome mama!

No Pink Here, you are helping me get to know my own city! You and K do so many cool things together; maybe I can start taking some of your suggestions as I try to change my hermit ways!

Rebecca, since I'm not too great at picking up the phone, I'm so glad we've been able to get back in touch through our blogs! I'm so excited to watch your family grow again, and I hope we can see each other in person before too long. You're such a loving, wonderful mama.

Sandi, you are SO funny! And your photography is just gorgeous. I get the feeling you have a lot of FUN at your house because you manage to be a seriously involved parent without taking parenting too seriously.

Sandra, I'm so glad you found my blogs so that I could find yours! Your heart and faith shine through every post, and I'd love to sit and have a cup of coffee with you.

Sasha, your blog is just fun; it feels like a girlfriend chatting with me. At the same time, I see your wonderful mommy heart when you talk about the challenges of parenting.

Special K, you have such a beautiful family and I like how you're able to write about the everyday joys of being a mom.

Tia, there is something really natural about the way you blog, something that makes me feel like we'd comfortably be "real life" friends if we lived close. So glad you sent me the link...more than that I could become a faithful reader! Thanks for participating in the one minute blog, too!

Tourette's Mom, I would love you even if I only knew you from your blog; you are so honest and real there. How lucky am I that I also get to count you as one of my closest friends?! From your encouraging words to you cleaning my house when The Engineer was in the hospital...I appreciate you so much.

Thanks, my blogging buds, for enriching my life. (And...psst...if you're on my blog roll and haven't blogged for weeks, come back! I'd love to see what you have to say these days.)


Anna said...

Awwww Thanks Beth, I totally needed that after the day I had yesterday!
I think you're pretty awesome 2 handling 2 under 3! God Bless you!

Lyndsay said...

Beth, thanks for the sweet words. I too appreciate our relationship. I had lunch with a friend yesterday and she said, do you "know" Beth who leaves comments on your blog all the time? Such an interesting web we weave through these online relationships. I too wish we lived closer ...

Tia said...

Well thank you so much Beth! You're blog is one of my very favorites and my cousin Paige is even reading now! You made my day!

Kerri said...

You're so sweet. And I love your rambling posts. Don't try to keep them short, they are perfect the way they are. Honestly mine are only short because I'm lazy :)

Anonymous said...

Beth, that was so very sweet of you. I feel so honored that you can relate to what I post. It was a wonderful way to start my morning off to work. Thank you again a million times over. :)

Becky said...

Awww, thanks, Beth! What a day brightener for me! :-)

nopinkhere said...

Wow, how sweet! Thank you Beth! It's funny that you chose going out and doing fun stuff as the aspect to compliment, because I fight being a hermit too. It's only going to get worse for me during the wintertime. (And it doesn't help that half the time I try to get K to go do something, he just wants to "stay home.") I think this was a really neat idea for a post.

Bri said...

Awww, you made me tear up. I've been in such a funk lately and feeling down... it's nice to know that I can still bring some joy into someone else's life even if things are chaotic and stressful around here all the time. Thank you for your sweet words, Beth. You may have just inspired me to
post some compliments of my own to maybe make someone else smile.

Anonymous said...

Beth, you are the sweetest person I have seriously ever met. I need you to come live with me for a week so I can have my daily positive affirmations :-). Thank you very much for taking the time to do this. You made my day.

C. Beth said...

Everyone--You're welcome, and thank you for the super nice comments! :)(And, Kerri--LOL!)

Our Scoop said...

Wow Beth! Blessings back to you. Thanks for the shower of kind words. You are so amazing to do that for everyone!!!!!


Angie said...

Thanks so much! Things have been rough lately and it was so nice to read this. I embrace my full geekiness & I'm trying to raise a geeky child. In our house it's one of the highest compliments you can give!

I really enjoy reading your blog. Especially after meeting you in person last year. You do such a great job of a 2 year old and baby.

Shannon said...

Thanks Beth! That was quite the warm fuzzy! How nice of you to pass out the compliments! I am so glad to be able to read your blog, you capture your life in such a wonderful, funny way with your words. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Beth. I was surprised and delighted to read this! Thank you for the kind words, and I'm guessing at some point we will have that cup of coffee -- if not here, then in Heaven!

I feel very blessed that my post might have inspired you to do such a nice thing. And I'm sure you felt the same when Bri made her comment.

You've made alot of peoples' day, including mine.

Sasha said...

How sweet are you? I have made so many friends via the internet over the last few years, and of course I count you as on of those! We're close enough to each other that surely we can meet up one of these days- I'd love that!

Anonymous said...

thank you. I am not as good as you are at blogging... you inspire me to get on the ball though with the way that I have been feeling lately, I just don't have the motivation... until then, I will just keep reading yours! :o)

Caroline said...

Awww Beth, thank you for such a lovely compliment! I always get so excited when I see that you've commented too, because I have such respect for you as a mama, woman, and a blog-ess. :0)