Thursday, October 2, 2008

Countdown, part 2: It's not brain surgery

October 2, 2008

It's three months until the second anniversary of The Engineer's surgery. Sometimes when people are talking about something simple, they'll say, "Hey, it's not brain surgery!" As we were preparing for the operation, we used to laugh at that. Thankfully he was at the hands of a skilled surgeon and it was fairly simple as these operations go. So while it was brain surgery, it wasn't rocket science.

As promised, over the last month I've been thinking about that time, and trying to learn from it. Any health crisis is enormously stressful. Yet I remember seeing so many of God's miracles and blessings through that time, and being so grateful for them. I'm trying to learn to see every day situations in that light. When I flooded the bathroom recently, I decided to be thankful that Zoodle slept through the roar of the shop vac, and that I was able to read a magazine while I moved the vacuum hose from spot to spot.

If I can be thankful when our family has a crisis, or when I make crazy mistakes, I can also learn to see blessings and miracles during everyday things like Chickie's tantrums and Zoodle's crying.

I know I can learn to integrate this thinking in my life. It's pretty simple, right? I mean, it's not brain surgery.


Becky said...

What a great approach to life! That's something I really need to work on.

Tia said...

I will stop stalking your blog now. I would come to yours to see who had updated on your bloglist. I just added my favorites to my blog so I will only check yours when you update now! I have been meaning to do it forever.

And in response to this post...God is good isn't he!

Shannon said...

Great post! You said it so well. I too try to take that outlook.

Our Scoop said...

Great approach Beth! Good insights. I am amazed at how you and Jason went through this. Jason - I have never known anyone who had brain surgery. It is so frightening to even say that!

And by the way, I am married to a rocket scientist - how cool is that to say??