Friday, October 31, 2008


The Engineer loves meat. A well-cooked steak transports him into realms of ecstasy. If I made Angie & Elvis' incredible meatloaf once a week, I think that alone would ensure we'd have a long marriage. Add mashed potatoes, and it would doubtless be a long and happy marriage.

I...well, I like meat. But I also appreciate beans and lentils and quinoa. I think I could be a fairly happy vegetarian--not a vegan, as I'm far too fond of dairy. But a vegetarian? Sure, I might miss steak and chicken at times, but I could swing it.

So sometimes I risk The Engineer's skepticism and make exciting, meatless meals. Recently I found a great-looking recipe for lentil soup. I started making it, then realized my bag of lentils was almost empty, so I created my own recipe, adding two or three kinds of beans, along with barley and other wholesome ingredients. When I added a spoonful of sour cream to my bowl, it was pretty good. It made a ton, so I froze a bag of it.

A few days ago, I put the frozen soup in the fridge to thaw it. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but when I was about to go to dinner with Hillary and her family, I pulled out the soup and sour cream and told the Engineer, "You can have this for dinner."

Now, I don't recall putting frog eyes or dried spiders in that soup. The expression on The Engineer's face said otherwise.

"Or," I said, "there are chicken tenders in the freezer."

So the hearty, homemade soup went back in the fridge, and the processed, breaded chicken went in the oven.

Now, I'd better add ground beef to my grocery list--it's been a couple of weeks since I made meatloaf.


beckiwithani said...

Check out my delicious page for a great mashed potatoes recipe I made recently: Mashed Potato Artichoke Bake. It has mayo (I left it out, because it already has sour cream, which gave it a great tang -- I used fat free and because it was in the recipe, you couldn't tell the difference), artichokes, dill, green onion, cheese ... and bacon, which would probably thrill The Engineer, but I left out! It was such tasty comfort food. It's from the Taste of Home website, so if you don't have a user name and password but you want to make it, email me and I'll just send you the pdf.

beckiwithani said...

Oh, and I also have a really yummy sloppy-joes-from-scratch recipe on there. Good and meaty, and Chickie would probably love it too. Molly is still mostly off meat, so we made it vegetarian by replacing the meat with kidney and pinto beans. (Also VERY tasty.)

Becky said...

I hear you - it's exactly the same at our house. My husband is a carnivore, through and through, and not only could I be a vegetarian, I actually was for a lot of years. If I ever have trouble coming up with a dinner idea, my husband's suggestion is always "hamburger", and I always answer with a grimace. That meatloaf does sound good, though...I'm going to have to try that!

Anonymous said...

Hubby loves to do his Tim the Toolman Taylor, Argh, Argh, Argh once in a while and say, "I NEED M.E.A.T!!" It's a guy thing, I guess.

Momza said...

OH how I can relate! I can go days without meat...but it is not a "real meal" unless meat is at the table!
Of course, I am WAY sneaky with my veggies tho--using my food processor, I add all kinds of veggies to things like Spaghetti sauce (zucchini, carrots...whatever will blend in!), and I try to make a very solid salad most nights...we put all kinds of stuff in it to appease the masses! Good to know I'm not the only closet vegetarian wanna-be out there!

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious!! My Engineer and yours could be good friends. We had the crockpot beans and rice recipe this week - 2 x's. Amazingly enough my engineer was happy with it. But I wouldn't plan that too often :) So funny! I'm with you on the vegetarian thing too. Especially after I watch shows about the way animals are treated before you-know-what! Just the thought of it sends me to the V-land option.

C. Beth said...

Becki--Those both sound good! Thanks! I think I'll try them both.

Becky--Oh, yeah, the meatloaf is just plain amazing. It ain't your mama's meatloaf!!

Sandra--Ha ha, I love my Tim the Toolman too!

Momza--Good for you on your sneaky veggies. I did that some with Chickie when she was smaller and didn't eat many veggies but then she got a little better and I got lazier. :) We are salad fans though.

K--Yeah, I have to "space out" the veggie dishes if I don't want an unhappy Engineer on my hands. :) Oh, and I just stay away from those shows...ignorance is bliss, right??

Lexie Dach said...

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