Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dad the parent

When Chickie was little, a friend told us adamantly, "Dads are not babysitters when they take care of children! They are parents!" I fully agree--and yet I appreciate how hard it can be for a dad who's been working all day to come home to extra kid duty so that Mom can spend time with friends.

The Engineer is working toward a fast-approaching deadline at work. It's stressful. When he got home last night I hurriedly gave him instructions and updates on dinner, Chickie's poop possibilities, Zoodle's fever, and bedtimes, then rushed out. Fellow blogger Hillary is in town with her husband and son, and we wanted to meet in person. When the kids got sick, our plans changed--from them coming to our house, to me meeting them for dinner.

Of course, that means the childcare fell to The Engineer. And what an evening for childcare. Zoodle's fever changed him from a mellow baby into an angry baby; when The Engineer called me with a medication question, I could hear Zoodle's screams in the background. Chickie's feeling fine now but suffering the effects of two nights of choppy sick kid sleep, and when I got home, The Engineer was putting her to bed...again.

Thanks, my dear Engineer, for being the type of parent who gives me a break when I need it, even when you really needed a break too.

(And, Hillary, it was great to meet you guys!)


Anonymous said...

I had intended to have a 'thank you' to all the dad's post...but, I haven't got around to it yet! HA. It still may come.

It's always nice to hear about how helpful and selfless husbands are to their children and wife. I really don't know what I would do without Bryan!

beckiwithani said...

Your poor kiddos! I hope everyone feels better soon. Fevers make adults miserable enough, and I think they feel even worse for kids. Especially the ones too tiny to understand!

Angie said...

I totally agree with you on the babysitting thing. Someone once said that to me "Oh, how nice, your husband is babysitting." I looked at her and informed her it's not babysitting if it's your child. It's called being a Daddy. Glad you had fun last night & everyone survived. Hope the kiddos feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I have great admiration for the Engineer. He's a great dad to come home from work and immediately jump on the "moving train" of single parenting for an evening, especially with sicky and potty issues. But, I'm glad you were able to have a little break and visit with a blogging friend. It's neat to actually meet a fellow blogger, isn't it?

Your children are blessed with two great parents.

C. Beth said...
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Momza said...

YES!! for great Daddies--however rare and precious they are!!

C. Beth said...

Brook--Yeah, honestly, it's so easy to get stressed out and focus on my husband's shortcomings...real or imagined. I can be pretty hard on him. It's nice to take a minute and say, "Wow, what a GREAT guy!!" Helps me have a better attitude!

Becki--Zoodle's fever went away for awhile, but it's back now. Chickie is doing much better today though! We do still have lots of snot around here, but everyone is recuperating.

Angie--Yes--good for you for educating that person! I'm really glad that in modern society dads are expected to be good for them and for the kids.

Sandra--Thanks! I think he's pretty great too. And Chickie was kind enough to hold back the poop last night. One of the few times I've been glad for her recent bout of self-inflicted constipation. :) Yes, it really is fun to convert an online friend into a real-life friend. :)

Sarah--Are you sure you're not just stalking me? I mean, I know my life is SOOOOO EXCITING, but, really, you don't have to pretend yours is exactly like mine. ;) Just kidding, of course--what movie did you see? Lucky you! I do have to admit I am glad to hear another mom is dealing with poopy issues, though I do hope Jenna's get better soon.

C. Beth said...

Momza--They are PRICELESS!

Our Scoop said...

Very nice Jason! That was sweet of you. It is so amazing when the dads come home after the full day of work and are "on" for the night!!

Becky said...

While I agree that it's not "baby-sitting" if it's a parent, I do think watching the kids after a long day, so your partner can get a break, is deserving of a special word. I think that goes above and beyond being a parent and is more in the territory of being a thoughtful and generous spouse. I think that's wonderful!

C. Beth said...

K--I know DD has a very involved daddy too--our kids are lucky, aren't they?

Becky--I agree, it is going above and beyond! If you come up with the perfect word for it let me know.