Friday, October 24, 2008

Kids and the time/space continuum

Any other Heroes fans out there? One of the characters, Hiro Nakamura, can bend time and space. He can freeze time, transport himself across the world, and come back, restarting time so that no one knows he was gone.

I need that power. Instead my kids have their own effect on the time/space continuum. They make everything I do take more time. And if something important is nearby, they somehow bend space to transport that object into their not-so-careful hands. Or maybe they just wait until my back is turned; I'm not sure.

My real estate license is up for renewal at the end of this month, and despite the fact that I haven't been working lately, I do like to keep the license active. But with my kids' adverse affects on time and space, completing my Mandatory Continuing Education was more, well, adventurous than it had been in the past.

First there's the time thing. I signed up to take my course via correspondence. But have you ever sat down and tried to read a boring textbook with kids around? Talk about distractions. I'm thinking about demanding at least double credit for that "15 hour" course.

Then there's the fact that I am blessed with kids who love books. Well, Chickie loves books; Zoodle just loves anything he can get his grabby little hands on. They must have used their space-bending powers to transport my textbook into their hands, because it's not in the best shape. Let me show you.

That, my friends, is a book that has been knocked into the tub by a toddler. For the last half of my reading, I had the pleasure of carefully peeling wet (later merely damp) pages apart.

And then I discovered that Zoodle is already learning to eat his words.

I grabbed the book from him and fished the soggy torn up bits of pages out of his mouth, bemoaning that I couldn't in good conscience take the time to snap a picture of him actually devouring it.

In two more years, I'll be renewing my license again. But I have a plan this time. I'm going to start petitioning the state Real Estate Commission to update me on real estate law changes via a video course featuring characters from Sesame Street, Super Why, and Sid the Science Kid. I'll pop in the DVD, plop the kiddos on my lap, and actually get through it in 15 hours. When they also agree to create a board book version of the textbook, I'll be good to go.


On an unrelated note...anyone feeling artsy? I came across a cool idea on Michelle Brunner's blog--she's an art teacher, and I enjoy the art she posts on her site (and sells on Etsy!) Anyway, here's her suggestion:

"If you have time today send someone you care about something arty like a card you made, a quick sketch, anything! Become art pen-pals! Have the other person send you something they drew or painted back...even if they are not an artist! I don't know about you but getting real mail...aka non bills or junk mail is a real treat and does not usually happen!"

Now, I have almost no art training and won't be winning any art contests any time soon, but I do love to draw and think it would be fun to exchange hastily done, totally amateur, little pieces of art with someone who reads this blog. I'll probably be using some of Chickie's paints. Anyone want to do it?


Shannon said...

Sorry about your book. Although now it just has more character.

Angie said...

That sounds like fun! I'll do it. As long as I can do it over the weekend, life is grand.

Sorry about your book. As a full time worker, full time Mom, and oh yeah, full time college student: bedtime is your friend. That's the ONLY time I get to study. And lately Paige has had a thing for the PCAOB Professional Standards handbook I have to read. Heck, I'm not even that interested in it!

Tia said...

I would love to be art pen pals. I am not artistic AT ALL but I think it would be fun! My email is Send me a note for my address if you are interested...

Sorry about your book. Kids are little tornados!!

C. Beth said...

Angie & Tia--How about we all three do it--and anyone else who is interested? It doesn't have to be a direct exchange, more of a Secret Santa-style exchange (except not secret.) Does that sound good? Once I see if anyone else is interested I'll get everyone's addresses and organize it. Anyone else who is interested--send me an e-mail to cbethblog(at)gmail(dot)com.

Katie said...

oh my, that book has been through a lot!

Oh and your comment about renewing your license reminded me that I need to renew my drivers license this month!! (thanks for the inadvertent reminder!)

SciFi Mama said...

Sounds good to me. I"m in. And I'm definitely not an artist. My medium these days is butcher paper & crayons.

Unknown said...

I think YOU should write the script for the new training video. Your brother can produce and direct it and my grandchildren can all have starring roles. Without doubt it will premier at Sundance next year and be up for the Oscar as the best short/long film of the season. If you do it, I get a small percentage as the genius who came up with the idea!

Thanks for a very funny post AND for all your encouragement on my blog. Dad

nopinkhere said...

As someone who spent WAY too much time at HEB this morning because I wasn't shopping by myself, I agree. It is a super power (with a not-so-super effect).

C. Beth said...

mama to a diva--Definitely, now I have a funny story to tell whenever I come across that book!

Katie--Glad I could serve as your accidental reminder! :) Now can you e-mail me in April to remind me to get my annual car inspection done?

Dad--Sounds good, but for the tiny bit of time you've put into it, your percentage will be VERY small. :-D

nopinkhere--I know, I got to go to the store w/o the kids the other night...what a treat! Grocery shopping is stressful, then getting home and trying to get them all put away...and it seems we always get home at lunchtime, which means it's also almost naptime--ugh!

Momza said...

Hey there,
I'm totally in on the artsy pen-pal stuff! Count me in!


C. Beth said...

Dawn--sounds good! E-mail me your address!

Those of you who wanted to do the art stuff--I'll contact you soon!

IsDihara said...

Ooh, I'd love to join in the arty-pen-pal fun! Please, can I?

Here is my email address: isdihara at verizon dot net

Anonymous said...

You have such patience to even try to get this done with 2 children!! Kuddos to you, Beth! As for the book, at least it's getting its money's worth, right?

Bri said...

so not artsy... if I could photoshop a picture and send it, that would work for me... drawing with like pencils and paints, so cannot do that. HA!