Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Funky Fairy

The moon is out, the lights are down,
And everyone’s asleep.
The Funky Fairy comes to town--
That crazy little creep.

He flies right past the neighbors' homes,
A smirk upon his face.
There’s nothing random when he roams—
He’s headed for my place.

Tonight my house is just his toy,
And enter it he must.
Once in, he sprinkles girl and boy
With Funky Fairy Dust.

We all awake with happy grins,
No sign of frown or sob—
‘Til Funky Fairy Dust begins
To do its evil job.

Chickie just can’t have her way,
And so she starts to cry
Zoodle’s naps are kept at bay,
No matter what I try.

The Funky Fairy’s potion
Overwhelms my tots
With Zoodle’s strong emotion,
And Chickie’s “I will NOT”s!

So think upon this tale tonight
As you are laying down—
Because that Funky Fairy might
Be headed to your town.


Unknown said...

Hmm...is it possible that the Funky Fairy has already made her way to my house? :)

C. Beth said...

Ellebee--Oh, he had plenty of time to get there! He visited my house SUNDAY night, so wherever you live, I'm sure a day of flying would have been sufficient. Give him a kick in the pants for me if you see him, okay?

Angie said...

The Funky Fairy has been to our house too. I don't like him very much. Maybe I should spread some Anti-Funky Fairy dust each night before bed time.

Julie said...

I think a herd - or would it be a gaggle? perhaps a "murder" like with crows? anyway, a whole heck of them must call my house their home since it's like this here just way too frequently.

Awesome poem!

Anonymous said...

Amazing poetry! I have read this to at least three people already, all parents of small children. Now I will forever think the Funky Fairy has visited when my children are off their "norm". What a wonderful thing to believe in that will put a smile on a stressful situation every time...

LEstes65 said...

Oh my GOODness. I love this! You are immensely talented, my dear. I think I have yet to discover the depths!

Mike said...

I really love the rhythm and flow of the poem and the allusion to the wicked and renowned "Funky Fairy"! I'm sure all of us have run into his masterpieces at one time or another!