Friday, April 10, 2009


My hair is now long enough to put back.

Sort of.

With barrettes and plenty of chunks falling into my face.

Isn't that exciting?



Laurel said...

Yes, it is exciting. I noticed how pretty it looked the other night.

Kara said...

Hooray! That's such a great milestone in growing out hair :-)

Call Me Cate said...

Yay!!! When I bother cutting mine, I always manage to end up with a length that can't *quite* be pulled back. I think our hair is about the same length right now. And some days, those little chunks that fall out seem super cute. And others, they make me crazy.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Beth, that's a very pretty barette - Bery lovely, your hair gleams...

I've just been getting caught up around your blog, and the baby's room looks fabulous - You are so talented with that curtain valance and then the rope design - I think that's very clever, and that you could have a real flair for interior design for children's rooms! Oh, and cooking, seeing those delicious looking cakes you were making with your daughter! Have a peaceful Easter weekend x

Scriptor Senex said...

Barette is a new word to me - one for my word blog, I think. May I use your photo please?

Strange Mamma said...

Yay! I'm trying to grow mine out, too. Not quite as long as yours yet, I'm still fighting the urge some days to chop it all off again. Ugh.

By the way, I tagged you today as a mommy blog I especially appreciate.

Our Scoop said...

Very super exciting! Your hair grows fast! I swear, I have been trying to grow mine for 2 years with hardly anything to show. But I know this - I will never have it too short to put in a ponytail ever again because at least you can always throw it in a ponytail! I wonder if you feel that way too?

Sandi said...

I am just getting out of that in between stage. What a pain in the butt! Hang in there, pretty soon you'll be complaining that it's too long, lol! As women, we're never happy with our hair :-).

C. Beth said...

Laurel--Thank you!

Kara--It is! Unfortunately it needs a trim so I might have to re-reach this milestone!

Call Me Cate--I agree about the little chunks! They can be cute or just plain annoying.

A Woman of No Importance--Thank you1 I'm glad to see you back. Enjoy your Easter. :)

Scriptor--You are welcome to use my photo! Actually the silver piece is, I think, not technically a barrette--it is similar to one but works a little differently. It's actually a unique type of hair thing that I got at an artisan's booth at an outdoor fair! The little yellow-ish beige-ish clip is a type of barrette though.

Heather--Thank you so much for the tag!! How very nice of you. I'm touched. :)

Our Scoop--I think some hair just grows faster than others. I wonder why? It seems yours was pretty long in college, wasn't it? I could say I'll never have it that short again...but knowing how willing I've been in the past to make drastic cuts, I'll probably have a short cut again someday. :)

Sandi--Well, if my hair was just perfect, I'd be happy with it! Any chance of that ever happening? :)

Heather said...

I think this looks very nice like this. I can't get my hair to stay put in these types of's SO fine; although there really are some pretty ones. I suppose I can continue to admire them in the hair-do's of others :o)