Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eggcellent photos

We joined several of our neighbors for a little Easter egg hunt and barbecue yesterday. It was great--more fun than doing it by ourselves, and definitely more entertaining than fighting crowds at a public egg hunt!

Chickie was excited about her basket of eggs.


And Zoodle...well, Zoodle was just getting up from his nap when the egg hunt happened. (And we wouldn't have wanted him trampeled by lots of excited little feet anyway!) So here is a staged photo of Zoodle "finding eggs."


Today, I celebrate life.

The life I share with The Engineer.

The lives of my kiddos--Chickie (appropriate Easter name, isn't it?) and Zoodle.

And my spiritual life in Christ, my resurrected Savior and living Friend.

May you have an Easter that is full of joy and full of life!


Sandra said...

It sounds like alot of fun!

Happy Easter, Beth!

Rachel Cotterill said...

I think Zoodle is still enjoying his eggs, even if he didn't have to search that far. Happy Easter, Beth & family!

Anna said...

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter my friend. no Easter pics here... we have been sick and camera is dead. sorry! hope you have a wonderful Day! He has risen! hope you get to see my hubby!

Call Me Cate said...

Happy Easter! Looks like lots of fun yesterday for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Beth! Resurrection Sunday is my favorite day of the year. To me, its spiritual significance adds meaning to all the other days on the calendar. I enjoy all the celebrations with it, too, and the season of new beginnings. (Sampa, while I won't be at Hope Farms, I will be with Gertrude today.)

One of my favorite Easter egg hunts was in your grandparent's orchard, Beth. Your grandmother had her Sunday School class over the day before Easter. She was right beside me as we hunted eggs. I actually found a prize egg. Her eyes grew big, because I nearly stepped on it!

Great job finding eggs, Chickie! Your expression reminds me a little of your Uncle Sean at that age. What a pretty Easter basket!

Since Easter was so early last year, I just realized this is Zoodle's first Easter. Happy First Easter, Zoodle! Love, Miss Etna

Dan Felstead said...

Same to you Beth for you and your family..Happy Easter......


C. Beth said...

Happy Easter, all!