Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday as I was driving, I listened to Chickie and Zoodle in the seats behind me. Chickie was sleeping, snoring quietly. Zoodle was softly growling, trying to replicate Chickie's snore.

Yep, he's becoming a little mimic. A few days ago, Zoodle was hanging out with The Engineer, and The Engineer, um...well, he tooted. Sure enough, immediately the same sound came out of Zoodle's mouth.

It may have been one of Daddy's proudest moments.


Our Scoop said...

Ok, now that IS funny! Love it :)

Strange Mamma said...

Too cute. Asher makes little 'woo' noises at us to try and tell us what he wants. I'll often make the same noise back to him and we'll go back and forth for a while. The other day Daddy grunted at him instead and sure enough, he studied his daddy for a second and then grunted back.

C. Beth said...

Dani & Our Scoop--I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Heather--Funny what you say about the "woo" noice. Zoodle makes this particular sound when he wants food--it's "Uh?" where he starts at one pitch and goes way up. It's very cute. :)