Thursday, April 9, 2009 that's a yummy Easter egg

A few days ago I saw a commercial for Kellogg's Rice Krispies, showing a family making egg-shaped Rice Krispies treats dipped in chocolate. Immediately I added Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and dipping chocolate to my list. Today Chickie and I got to work.

Once the marshmallows, butter, and cereal were mixed, I formed cute little eggs. (Turns out this step requires more fine motor skills than my three-year-old has, so she settled for putting butter on her hands.)

Now, they'd be delicious like this...


...but like so many other foods, these treats are better with chocolate. Instead of using chocolate chips and shortening as the recipe called for, I used a really fantastic product I just discovered called Baker's Dipping Chocolate. This stuff is great--it's easy, convenient, and microwavable. I bought one tub of milk chocolate and one of white chocolate.


Dipping was a great job for Chickie. And of course she didn't mind the extra she kept getting on her fingers--it never stayed there long.


She dipped half the eggs in milk chocolate and half in white chocolate, and then I did some drizzlin'.



What a great mommy-daughter project this was! And we are certainly enjoying the results.

You can see the recipe here. (Oh, and Kellogg's might not like to read this, but we used generic cereal, and they still turned out yummy.)

Happy Easter!


Heather said...


I didn't realize that you could buy chocolate that would harden, in that way. I wonder if we have that around this little old state where I live...I'll have to look around.

This does look very easy and much fun...maybe Lucien and I will try it, we'll see if they look like eggs after though. He tends to like making sculptures and I've learned how to "let it go" and allow him his own creativity. It'll be interesting.

Oh...and you're "magic couch"...I remember the days when I had two little boys sleeping on my bedroom floor. Our bed was only a full then, and mommy was pregnant - no room in the bed. It didn't take long for one to find his own room (my oldest). My middle didn't care where he slept - it took him a little longer :o). Now - the little man, he still poops out in our bed most nights and is getting too heavy for mommy to carry back into his room. Your post reminded me of the perfect alternative, but this kid would definately need something like a "magic couch" because blankets just wouldn't cut it for Prince Lucien :).

Michelle Brunner said...

Love the drizzle! Makes it look so elegant:) Great Mother and Daughter bonding experience!

Call Me Cate said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I need to borrow a kid so I can do some of these projects - I can't imagine it's nearly as enjoyable as an adult with no teensy assistant.

Scriptor Senex said...

That dipping chocolate looks a great idea. I must investigate this side of the Atlantic.
(Then I'd have to borrow Chickie to do the dipping for me - I wouldn't look cute like that!!!)

Scriptor Senex said...

Oops - just read the other comments and realised that was not exactly an original thought -Cate beat me to it!

Catootes said...

hhhmmmm chocolate.
These eggs might actually get eaten in our house, while the traditional ones do not. Except by the dog, who then shares them in unpleasant ways later.
Thanks for the idea!

Unknown said...

MMMMM. I wanna come to Easter at Chickie's house!


Our Scoop said...

Yum! How fun. Isn't it truly amazing how helpful a toddler can be in the kitchen?!? I love that!

C. Beth said...

Simply Heather--Unfortunately the chocolate took FOREVER to harden--hours and hours. But it's still worth it--so convenient! You should try it!

Michelle--Thanks! Of course I picked the best-looking eggs for close-ups.... Most were not quite so elegant. :)

Call Me Cate--You can borrow mine ANY TIME!

Scriptor Senex--See above note! :)

Catutes--Oh, they'd get eaten. I told The Engineer tonight that I may have trouble going back to normal Rice Krispies Treats!

Dad--Come on ovah!

Our Scoop--Oh, you have such a positive attitude! Honestly, I don't tend to think of Chickie as helpful; I tend to feel like everything takes longer, and that's kind of annoying, but I know it's a good experience for her. (Hanging head in shame.) :)

Sandra said...

What a great idea! DD's girls will be here next weekend and I think we might do something like this. Thanks for the idea!

And, Chickie does make an adorable little Chef! :)

Deanna said...

This looks great, what fun!

Our Scoop said...

I hear ya - honestly some days I am not so cheery about the "help" in the kitchen. I think my post was positive because we had some good days :)