Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Micro: Little

Our trip to Boston has been postponed, as there has been a death in my sister's husband's family.

It's hard to blog today. I'm just reminded how little most things are. Plane ticket cancellation fees. Blog stats. Chickie tantrums. These things fill up our days, and fill up our minds, but they are little, and not worth the stress. Oh, God, let me remember this, even when I'm not confronted with the big realities of life and death.

Edited to add: My sister has written a beautiful tribute on her blog, here.


Anonymous said...

You are so right, Beth. Any time death touches our lives it is a reality check for what is most important.

I'm so sorry for your BIL's loss. May God bless his family with many great memories to help keep the person near.

Call Me Cate said...

So sorry to hear about this. :( But you're right - so many things that take so much of our focus when they really don't matter at all.

Thinking good thoughts for BILs family.

Dani said...

Things come on so suddenly and unexpectedly. Sorry for the loss- and I hope things work out for your trip in the end.

caryn said...

So sorry for your sister and BIL loss. Hopefully you'll get to visit her soon, I'm sure she could use a sister during this time but even more after all events of the next few days.

(PS the weather up here in the Boston area is lousy this week hopefully when you visit spring will finally have arrived)