Saturday, April 4, 2009

Zoodle's nursery--the border

I don't like painting rooms. I'm certainly not naturally talented at it--I have a hard time getting the paint on evenly, and keeping it off ceilings (and floors.) So for now, Zoodle's Cowboy-themed nursery (a work in progress) is staying off-white. That means I've got to be creative with the decor so that it's still fun and interesting.

So I headed to my local tack shop (Lowe's, the huge home improvement store) and rustled up some rope. We already had a staple gun, staples, and a stepladder, so this was a nice, cheap project--just 11 bucks for the rope.

On Friday, I got to work. A few hours later, Zoodle's room had a border. Here are pictures of the four walls.





This big lasso will have something in the middle of it--something involving paint, actually. (More on that later, of course!)


Add a boot, hat, and blue jeans (well, not actually blue), and there's plenty of inspiration for a growin' cowboy.




Whimsical rope loops and stars fill in the rest of the border.


If I'd known that decorating his nursery was going to be this fun, Zoodle might not have had to spend a year in a boring room. I'll keep workin' on it (in between cattle drives and horseback rides, of course), and I'll keep you up to date as it comes together.


Stacia said...
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Deanna said...

Fun!! The little cowboy jeans are great!

Call Me Cate said...

I'm glad you're having so much fun with Zoodle's nursery. Why so afraid of paint though? If *I* can paint, anyone can paint.

(Just don't ask Joe if I can paint. Because maybe I can't.)

Isabella said...

Holy cow! That is really amazing...especially the blue jeans! I'm very impressed. Can you come decorate Peanut's room? ;)

Our Scoop said...

Amazing! You are a truely amazingly creative woman! You have so many talents.

beckiwithani said...

That is SO cute!

Laurel said...

You're so clever....good for you. And, I'm sure Zoodle thanks you too since he's gotten to be such a big boy :-).

Kara said...

Beth, you are so clever!! I would never have thought of something like that, but it looks adorable!

caryn said...

Simply adorable! I love the jeans.

Strange Mamma said...

How fun that that's actual rope. I'm finding myself having to put up Asher's nursery decor again now that our stuff has finally arrived. No border but now you've got me thinking of more creative ways of doing a border that doesn't involve paint or wallpaper which we can't do in our rental.

heather said...

That is adorable, and very creative too!!

Anonymous said...

Beth, that is SO awesome!!!! you are SO creative!!!!!

C. Beth said...

Deanna--Thank you!

Call Me Cate--Oh, you have not seen my painting. Not only does it get drippy and end up places it shouldn't be (including all over me), it also takes me FOREVER. If we do painting in his room, it'll probably be The Engineer doing it, and he's busy with other projects right now. I am going to do some more crafty large areas as of now though.

Isabella--Sure, at this pace I'll get Peanut's room done for her about the time she's leaving for college. ;)

Our Scoop--Thank you, my encouraging friend!


Laurel--If "Ma ma ma ma ga ga ba ba" means thanks, then, yes, he's thanked me!

Kara--Thank you!

Caryn--Thank you! I'm partial to the jeans too.

Heather--Yes, this would definely be removeable, and just paint would probably fill the tiny holes pretty nicely.

heather--Thank you!

Rebecca--Thank you! I just need more motivation with the creativity.

Sandra said...

I love it, Beth! And, I'm trying to figure out how you did it. Did you starch the rope so that you could make the shapes before you put them up? It looks absolutely adorable. I can see a home magazine wanting to do a story on this! And, we'll all be able to say, "We knew her when!"

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Looks cute!! I saw this and thought of you - thought I'd send your way in case you need any more ideas!

C. Beth said...

Sandra--Thank you! I actually just used lots of staples to get the shapes right--though starch is an intriguing idea!

Elaine--What a cute room! Thank you for sharing!