Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time for a tight squeeze

I am at a very blessed place right now. I have two little ones who are both in cuddle phases.

I sat with Zoodle a little while ago in the rocking chair in his room. The light was off. He was full and sleepy, dressed in soft, footed PJs. I held him close, and he snuggled in, resting his head contentedly on my shoulder.

Getting Chickie to bed had been stressful; she was hyped, and I was impatient. As I held my little boy and slowly rocked, I could feel the tension immediately diminish. I reflected on how incredible physical touch can be, and how much the hugs of my children heal me.

And yet it can sometimes be so hard for me to stop the cooking or reading or typing I'm doing, to respond positively to my daughter's plea, "I need some love, Mommy!" I need the healing touch of the people I love; I just have to take the time to receive such a precious gift.


Heather said...

I feel it. Very well said, C. Beth...very well. As a mommy who absolutely LOVES these moments, you make my eyes misty here.


So glad for you to have two cuddle bugs.

Dan Felstead said...

Beth and Simply Heather...enjoy it...I was once there...and I am back there again but when those hormones kick in around puberty...the attitudes change! Don't worry though...when the hormones level out again...all is well.


Isabella said...

I take advantage of every cuddlebug moment I have with Peanut...'cause I know it won't last. How awesome that you have 2 cuddlebugs to enjoy. :)

Unknown said...

Love it! I melt when SS#1 randomly puts his arms around me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. He's 8 and I hope he's still doing it when he's 18. And The Manimal clasps his hands up and says "Hold you!" when he wants me to pick him and hold him. Such cuddly boys...I'm in Heaven!

Call Me Cate said...

Guess we were on the same page! I'm glad your babies give you those fabulous snuggles. I can imagine it would be very cathartic, especially after a long day.

Dani said...

SO true! I have to keep re-evaluating my priorities and the days that I put off blogging and things are always the most happy for me and my kids.

Unknown said...

I read this and smiled, grateful that my grandchildren have parents who take time to cuddle them.

Love, Sampa

caryn said...

Lovely post!

C. Beth said...

Simply Heather--They are great moments, aren't they?

Dan--Oooh, I am scared to even think about puberty! :)

Isabella--It really is a wonderful thing!

Call Me Cate--I liked your post today! Whether it's human babies or furbabies, nothing beats a good snuggle.

Dani--Priorities--so hard to keep in line, aren't they?

Dad--Thank you! :)

Caryn--I'm glad you liked it!

Jan Holt said...

Yes Yes Yes! You've figured out the magic formula to health and joy. Connection and time spent with those we love. Nothing better.

Love your blog!