Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Micro: Fairies

Tooth Fairy: A mythical creature who visits a child's bed at night, takes the tooth the child has just lost, and exchanges it for money or a treat.

Teething Fairy: A very real creature who visits a child's bed at night; takes that sweet, happy child; and replaces him with a screaming monster.


silver star said...

The teething fairy is probably the tooth fairy w/PMS.

Becca said...

I am sorry. Luke has 4 molars left. Both he and his sister are horrible teethers. Motrin seems to be the only thing that works for us. Good luck.

septembermom said...

Teething time is a nightmare! Hope it passes for you soon:) As I'm visiting blogs this morning, my kindergartner just lost his tooth. I guess the tooth fairy is dropping by later!

Strange Mamma said...

Ugh! Poor Zoodle. Is it the top and bottom or just the bottom. These teeth have been a long time coming.

The teething fairy (evil creature) has been plaguing our house, too. I've been so completely exhausted the last week or so as not only has Asher been teething terribly at night, he's also decided that he doesn't need no stinking afternoon nap (which would be fine if his morning nap were getting later but if anything it seems to be getting earlier). His gums were hugely swollen top and bottom today so I'm hoping they'll break through soon. It appears he has four coming through all together.

Cathy said...

well, hopefully the teething process will be like the birthing process - once he has those wonderful teeth and can eat SO MUCH MORE, it will have all been worth the birthing of the teeth!
(My WV was "reledl" -- I think that's what you call the delinquent Grammy!

C. Beth said...

silver star--HA!!! Love it.

Becca--We have been using a lot of Motrin too!

septembermom--Wow, congrats on your kindergartener's first tooth being lost! I know we'll be there before I know it. :)

Heather--Are you still waiting on the first ones too??

Mom--It will be nice not to have to clean my food processor and/or the small Braun processor on a daily basis!

Scriptor Senex said...

That posting would be funny - were it not so true! My only thought of consolation for you is that there is life after children! They do eventually grow up and the like all new appliances the teething problems disappear.

Sandra said...

I don't have any fond memories of teething to cheer you up. All I can say is that I think every mommy remembers that it was AWFUL, so you're not alone.

Hang in there, "Teethday's" coming! :)