Sunday, December 28, 2008

Forget tear-free shampoo...

...I need a tear-free salon!

Zoodle's ever-growing, shapeless hairstyle finally merited professional attention today.  He got his first haircut (not counting the mulletectomy I performed last month.)

If it hadn't been for the electric clippers, he would have been fine.  Because of his age, salon policy required the stylist to use clippers for part of the cut.  Seems she didn't want to snip off part of his ear.  (Despite what Baby Einstein might have you believe, "Baby Van Gogh" really isn't a good thing.)  Zoodle has recently become afraid of the vacuum cleaner, and I suppose clippers sound like a miniature vacuum very close to his ears.  Despite a very nice stylist, it was not the best experience.

Of course, I faithfully recorded his trauma for the sake of posterity.

At first, it seemed pretty exciting--a car to sit in and a Sesame Street DVD to watch?  Score!


The scissors made him wary, but he was brave.


But then....  Lady, what are you doing to me?!  Since when did they start making torture chairs disguised as cars?  What kind of place is this, anyway?


When the deed was done, we were left with a very handsome little boy who refused to smile.  I don't blame him.


But don't worry; he got over it quickly and gave us plenty of sunny grins later.


We'll be exposing Zoodle to the sound and feel of Daddy's electric razor, before his next visit to the salon.  He's a resilient kid, so he might be able to handle that kind of trauma again...but Mommy sure doesn't want to.


Anna said...

OMG He's Beautiful!
Christopher was the opposite, fine with the clippers and then freaked out when the scissors came out for the top of his head! go figure!

Call Me Cate said...

Aww, Zoodle's so handsome! I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon enough. Wish my salon had cool car chairs or something to play with instead of wanting to make small talk.

Eternal Lizdom said...

What a handsome fellow!!

~hon~ said...

So I didn't read the post first but looked at the photos...then I thought you were at a play car park...playing different kinds of kid games...but when I saw the razors, I thought it was neat to have those disguise cars...hehehe!

Well, after seeing the new look, I said "Wow ang gwapo gwapo!" which means he's very handsome. I like the haircut! Zoodle is so full of smiles. He doesn't look ornery. He looks like an angel. I'm sure he is being raised well.


Kerri said...

What a cutie!

Katie said...

poor little guy...but the cut looks great!!

Special K said...

Oh that was so cute! Love the deer in the headlights look when he's getting concerned. He has such a sweet smile. What a big boy. I love his new haircut!!!!!

Sandra said...

I wonder if you felt about this like I felt the first time Gunny had a haircut. I looked at him and thought, "He looks like a little boy now, instead of a baby!"

Zoodle is absolutely darling, and I think that is the first time I have seen him actually crying. He is usually such a happy little boy!

btw, our granddaughter's husband just gave their son, who is 14 mo. old his first "real" haircut with the electric clippers(they had been just trimming it with scissors), and it got a little shorter than he intended!

Samantha then had him in a store with her, and a nice older man came up and talked to him and then gave him a dollar. She said she wonders if that was because the man thought the baby was a cancer patient who had lost his hair!

I think his next haircut will be at a salon too.

Anonymous said...

Zoodle's eyes in that second photo are so big! Adorable!

Michelle Brunner said...

How adorable! He looks so grown up with that haircut now:)

Our Scoop said...

VERY VERY CUTE!! I know - those places are great but horrible at the same time. I never heard DD scream like I did in the chair with those buzzers!! Now, I have to bribe with a lollipop or there is no way he'll let me do it!

*Monica said...

I LOVE that first picture...he is so convinced that he is in for a good time!!

Scriptor Senex said...

My wife still hasn't forgiven me for the first time I took our youngster to the barber's. He cut all his curls off. That was twenty years ago - don't wives have long memories!

Anonymous said...

Oh so lovely and adorable he is!!! The last picture&smile R
really made my day!

Faith said...

Such a cutie pie! I don't mean to scare you, but Tank was afraid of the clippers (buzzing) until he was 2 1/2. Since then he has been "a brave big boy".

Simplicity said...

Awwwwwwwww poor heart! Who'd have thought that noise would trigger something in him?? He's so handsome! :)

Mary said...

Looks like a little man, now. A haircut can take the baby look off a little boy in a hurry. I know, I have two.

C. Beth said...

Anna--Now, that is interesting! I wonder why the scissors scared him?

Call Me Cate--HA!

Liz--Thank you! :)

Hon--gwapo, huh? I like that!

Kerri--Thank you!

Katie--Yeah, it's a credit to the stylist that it looks great even though his screaming must have been distracting, and babies this age aren't very coachable in terms of head positioning.

Special K--I like the funny little look on his face in the 2nd pic too.

Sandra--Ha! That's funny. I am nervous to try cutting his myself but one of these days I may buy some clippers and give it a shot....

Chris--Thank you! I like his eyes in that photo too.

Michelle--I know, he is turning into such a big boy!

Our Scoop--Oh, yeah, Chickie is WAY into the lollipop haircut bribing too!

Monica--I know--it took awhile for him to smile that big again. :( :)

Scriptor--Ha! Yes, we women are like elephants with our memories. :)

Pienovski--Yes, his smiles just light up a room!

Faith--Ugh. Well, I hope he gets used to it before then, but if not, we'll deal with it. I don't think it'll scar him for life...right? :)

Simplicity--I know, I didn't even think about the clippers before going. Oh, well.

Mary--Yes, my little man. Sigh.... :)

Jenners said...

Those photos are too classic! It took me back to my son's first haircut, which was pretty much the same. Fun at sitting in the little car. Apprehension and confusion when the real work started to happen. Tears and hysteria once the cut was really in motion. Instant recovery once lollipop followed.

Your son is sooooooo cute!

They seem to grow out of haircut fear around 2 from my experience and what the child haircut lady said.

Kristi said...

You did such a great job capturing his first hair cut! He's SO handsome! LOVE the big eyes in the second pic. Makes me giggle and breaks my heart at the same time!

Crazy Mo said...

Did you notice that that his pacifier is upside down? Hmmmmm ... perhaps he's trying to tell you something! ;-)

TesoriTrovati said...

That is so funny! We went through the same thing with our son who is 10 now. Cherish it! He screamed every time we went to get his hair cut, had to sit on dad's lap (so they would both get covered in hair b/c he refused the cape as well), and all this was being performed by his Aunt who owns the salon!!!! He still flinches each time that buzzy razor comes out, but at least he doesn't have to sit on my lap! Enjoy the day!