Monday, December 29, 2008

Cuddle time

Last night, sleepy, I lay back on the couch.  Chickie joined me, and both of us cuddled under a blanket.  It was such a warm moment, and not just because of the blanket.  I cherish those times when I can be so close to my energetic little girl.

Chickie and The Engineer had been having a rough afternoon and evening.  She was being particularly disobedient, and he was disciplining her, and they were caught in a cycle that was resulting in frustration for both.  I saw Chickie's cuddly mood as being a great opportunity for her and Daddy to mend fences.

"Chickie," I asked, "Do you want to cuddle with Daddy?"


The Engineer, who was washing dishes, very willingly traded places with me.  I smiled.  Sometimes even half a day of frustration can be resolved with just a little bit of snuggling.

Then Chickie got up, repeatedly stepped on the computer, and was sent to bed early.

Oh, well.  The cuddle time was worth a try, anyway.


Freecycle Resolution update:
5. Big, huge painting The Engineer grew up with that we didn't want up in our house.
6. Boppy infant pillow.


Lyndsay said...

But you got a few moments of mommy-Chickie cuddle time. From another person with an "energetic" toddler, I can totally relate to those moments, which are precious and far too infrequent!

Call Me Cate said...

They say the best part of a fight is making up, right? Maybe Chickie enjoyed the mending of fences so much that she stomped the computer in order to have a reason to make up again!

Sandra said...

A minute here, a minute there. That's about all the cuddle time you can expect from a perpetually-in-motion young child, isn't it? And, I remember how they can go from angel to incorrugible in an instant too. I guess you just have to enjoy those sweet, cuddle moments whenever you can get them! :)

C. Beth said...

Lyndsay--And if I'm honest, the cuddles aren't limited just because she's energetic; it's also because I get too busy!

Call Me Cate--Ha! Maybe so. Bummer for her she got disciplined instead!

Sandra--You're right, I want to treasure those minutes here, minutes there. I hope she'll never get too big for those minutes, however infrequent they may be.

Kristi said...

I love those moments, even when the "typical" resumes itself all too soon! What a sweet thing for you to pass on the lovin' to Engineer!

Danni said...

I always loved those moments with my kids. They go by far too fast, but then you get the grandkids so it equals out I guess.