Friday, December 12, 2008

Day Off

I decided yesterday to take most of the day off from the Internet and TV. I cheated quite a bit, but just being less "plugged in" was a very good thing.

Chickie and I had fun decorating the Christmas tree.

Zoodle and I "talked" to each other. (He can say "ba ba ba" now, and occasionally other syllables!)

I read two books to Chickie and enjoyed doing character voices.

I did lots of Christmas decorating, and cooked, and cleaned up the kitchen, and felt generally productive.

I want this to be a regular thing. Maybe every Thursday will now be Less Plugged In Day. This isn't about sticking to a strict set of rules; it's about having enough silence in my life to enjoy the things that are truly important.

And for me, it's hard. Think I can do it? Think you can do it?

P.S. I'll be matching people up for the next Art Pen Pal Project by this weekend (hopefully.) If you're interested in being involved, please check out this post. It'll be fun!


Laurel said... on on this one because I know how hard it is...Amen and go forth, Sister...:-).

Laurel said...

Oops...that should have said, "support you on this one"

Jenners said...

I is so easy to get very very caught up in this blogging business (so much fun, it is!) but it is good to take a break now and then and realize what is going on around you in "real" life. I actually have no choice...when my son is at home, it is Mommy and Kid time. I blog when he is at school (in lieu of cleaning the house!) and once he goes to bed (and ignore my husband...but he doesn't mind...he gets to do his own thing...I have proof of that too; he wrote a guest post yesterday about why he likes that I blog!)

So good for you!

Chris said...

Good for you Beth! I've been feeling the same way lately.

Isabella said...

Do I think you can do it? Of course! You have to take a break from being a celebrity sometimes. ;)

I've only been in the true blogging business for about a week now, so I don't have a typical day off. Although, I did find that my weekends are pretty "tech-free" for the most part (especially around the holidays).

Becky said...

That's great! I make a point of keeping my weekends as technologically-free as possible. I rarely even check my email on the weekends, unless I'm expecting something. I think it recharges me for the upcoming week.

Sounds like you had a fun day!

Call Me Cate said...

Hmm, do I think you can do it? Sure. And you totally should. Do I think I can do it? Sadly, not so much. But my day job has me online (with a lot of free time) from 8-5 so during the week, I'm always connected anyways. Weekends are a little more iffy but I'm pretty sure I stop breathing if I'm out of touch with my mouse for too long.

Jyoti said...

Less plugged in day - sounds gr8.
So true we must take out time to cherish small though important things in our life. Time just fleets away and we forget to enjoy the simple pleasures life offers us everyday :)

Cheers !

Lyndsay said...

Call Me Cate summed me up pretty well too!

Although I do have to say we've dedicated the 5:30-8:00 pm time for our FAMILY time only. I rarely answer my phone, rarely get online, and rarely turn on the TV. It's my dedicated Kate time every day. It just makes the hours surrounding that time CHAOTIC :)

Sandra said...

A delicate balance that only you can know if you are achieving.

But, I have faith in you that you can do whatever you set your mind to!

C. Beth said...

Laurel--You're right, it is hard, but worth it. Thanks for the support!

Jenners--Good for you, protecting the Mommy & Kid time!

Chris--It's easy to let it take over, isn't it?

Isabella--Celebrity--ha! :-D

Becky--Wow, it would be very hard for me to stay away from e-mail on weekends. Maybe I should try....

Call Me Cate--That tends to be how I feel--that I can't be out of touch for long or else...or else...or else, I don't know what. :)

Jyoti--Yes, cherishing those small things...that can be hard. But so important.

Lyndsay--Good for you!!! That family time sounds wonderful.

Sandra--I guess that's what so much of life is about, trying to find balance. It can be hard but it's worth it to keep seeking it.

Anonymous said...

Beth that is a great idea!
I haven't been blogging or really reading too many blogs for 2 weeks. Sad but you feel a bit lost.
1 day a week being unplugged or less is awesome!
Love the meal ideas you post btw! I am a goob in the kitchen. So any help is always welcomed on this end!