Sunday, December 14, 2008

Scary Santa and Shirtless Gingerbread Man

Santa was at our local library today. Chickie is in that "Santa is scary" phase that so many kids go through, so she didn't sit on his lap (though she did get to the point she could walk by him and even whispered "Goodbye" on the way out, so we had some small victories.)

Zoodle had no problems with Santa. He did wonder at first who the bearded guy was. (Forgive the picture quality--I took these with my phone.)


Then he realized Mama was still right there, and he decided he was happy in the Big Man's lap.


Chickie had fun with lots of other activities--eating cookies and popcorn, getting her face painted, and making a Christmas tree ornament, a foam gingerbread man.

Outside, the wind blew away her handmade ornament, so we made another at home. She did a nice job.


As she was drawing on it, I noticed two little circles. They aren't very obvious in the finished product, with more drawing and M & M's surrounding, but here's a zoomed-in shot with circles surrounding the ones she drew.


"What are those?" I asked Chickie when I saw the placement of her circles.

"Those are nipples," she replied.

Hmm. Nipples. I guess I should be glad that was the extent of her gingerbread man's anatomical correctness, shouldn't I?


beckiwithani said...


Just make sure she never has any oblong-shaped candy (like tic tacs or candy corn) when she's decorating one...

(I know that comment wasn't in good taste, but hopefully made you giggle.)

~hon~ said...

Oh dear...I love your children!

Zoodle gave me the biggest smile on my face today. Just so adorable! I love his smile! Oh he's just so cute! Irresistible!

Chickie is so smart. At least, she knows her anatomy. Not every child knows "nipples" so she totally got a great achievement with her gingerbread man. Men have nipples still. hahaha!


Eternal Lizdom said...

LOVE the nipples!! That's great!

Chris said...

"Those are nipples." That is definately a classic!

Call Me Cate said...

Your Zoodle is so adorable. What a smile!

And Chickie made me think of this quote from Caroline in the City: "For Christmas my mom makes gingerbread men with little raisin nipples." Still, I can't help but feel a little sad looking at those uneaten M&Ms.

Claudia said...

Cute as can be!!! I love Zoodle on the Big Guy's lap. What a charmer! I love the anatomically correct gingerbread man... I haven't seen you on BBC lately, so I thought I'd stop by over here and say hi!

*Monica said...

Note to self-never be in mid-drink when reading what Chickie has said.

Dan & Hillary said...

What a gal! "Out of the mouth of babes..."

Simplicity said...

oh my goodness Chickie's description of anatomical correctness is awesome!!

Your children are just so incredibly gorgeous!! Zoodle's smile is spectacular!!

C. Beth said...

Becki--Ha!! :)

Hon--Thank you! I'm rather partial to both of them too. :)

Liz--I think it would be fun to take a bunch of comments like yours and post them all together, all out of context. I mean, "LOVE the nipples!! That's great!" is a fabulous comment. Hmm, maybe I'll have to store this idea away for a future post!

Chris--Great thing about blogging is I'll actually REMEMBER that classic moment now!

Call Me Cate--Ha!!!! Both the raising nipples & the uneaten M&Ms--very funny.

Claudia--Thanks for coming by and for missing me on BBC! Yeah, I just don't have the time to be on BBC as much lately, at least not at the expense of my blog or my family. :)

Monica--Ha! Hope you didn't get soda all over your keyboard.

Hillary--Yeah, just waiting to see what she comes up with as she gains an even bigger vocab....

Simplicity--Thank you so much! I think they're beautiful too! :)

Our Scoop said...

Hilarious! Love the Santa pictures of Zoodle. Love that the library had him there! DD is also in that "scary" man phase :) Saves us $25 when at the mall, right?

Unknown said...

HAH! Zoodle is totally darling. Of course, so is Chickie! LOVE her matter-of-fact "Those are nipples." explanation.

Becky said...

I don't know, it looks like one of those M&Ms is strategically placed. Did you have a chance to look before she glued on the candies? Maybe he's more anatomically correct than you think. ;-)

Kara said...

Ha! That's so cute! And Zoodle is adorable in Santa's lap :-)

Crazy Mo said...

Zoodle has the best smile; it's just a little mischievous! And what can I say about Chickie? That was soooo funny! And I bet she said it in a very matter-of-fact way, as though you were supposed to know.

Sandra said...

I laughed out loud, and so did Hubby when I read this to him! Chickie's comment was so cute. And, I love it that Zoodle looks around, decides if he's in a safe place, and then turns on that million kilowatt smile!

TesoriTrovati said...

That is oh so very funny! I love the shirtless gingerbread! And the Santa pics are priceless! My kids NEVER sat on Santa's lap, so we just gave up trying. You will cherish that memory!
Erin, TesoriTrovati