Tuesday, December 30, 2008

39-word love letter

The Engineer is turning 39 years old today!  I thought about writing a list of the top 39 things I love about him, but, well, 39 is a lot and might bore you to tears.  Plus, he's not generally a blog reader.  Thirty-nine things might bore him to tears.  So instead, here is a 39-word love letter (not including the "to" and "from" parts) to the love of my life.

Dear Engineer,

I love you for...
...your steadfastness.  I can absolutely trust you.
...your intelligence.  Smart is sexy!
...your fathering heart.  Our kids are blessed.
...your growth.  You keep getting better.
...your strength.  I feel safe with you.

Happy birthday!


Thirty-nine years ago a baby boy was born.  


As he grew, he turned into quite the catch.  I'm glad he got snagged on my hook!


Freecycle resolution update:
7. Mini chopper--a small kitchen appliance I don't need since I already have a multiple chopping and blending devices.


P.S.  Psst....  Stay tuned....  There is a giveaway coming up right here on C. Beth Blog that I am really excited about!  I'll be working in conjunction with another blogger that I'm a fan of.  That's all I'm gonna say for now.


Sandra said...

Beth -- I am so happy for you that you are blessed with such a wonderful husband.

Happy Birthday, Engineer! May God bless you with many more happy, healthy years!

Call Me Cate said...

Happy Birthday, Engineer! Beautiful letter, Beth. That's the very best kind of gift.

Kerri said...

Happy Birthday Engineer

Wow Zoodle certainly is the spitting image of his Daddy.

*Monica said...

I thought that WAS zoodle!!!! Happy Birthday, The Engineer!!

Shannon said...

Sweet letter! Happy Birthday Engineer!

Mike said...

Happy 39th birthday, Engineer! Hasn't changed a bit since 1969!


Crazy Mo said...

Happy Birthday, Engineer! What a beautiful letter, Beth. Although, I have to say, being the ditz that I am, I misread one line as "... your growth. You keep getting bigger." Which made me laugh out loud cuz that's probably what I'd say about The Husband. Then I reread it and laughed even harder ... sorry Engineer! I'm sure you're not getting bigger.

Chris said...

Happy B-Day Engineer!

Michelle Brunner said...

Happy Birthday Engineer! What a lovely letter:) I just love the picture, so cute!

Lisa Leonard said...

Your blog is darling and your family is beautiful. Hugs to you! xo

Cathy said...

I hope you have a great day! Hope you have the day off!

Kristi said...

Sweet letter, Beth.

Happy Birthday, Engineer! Enjoy!

Crazy Mo's comment cracked me up!

Our Scoop said...

Happy Birthday Engineer Man! I hope you have a very special day! What a beautiful way to say Happy Birthday Miss Beth!

Becky said...

Happy birthday, Engineer! Beautiful letter, Beth. I think you both are very lucky to have each other. =)

Jenners said...

That was lovely! He is a lucky man and you are a lucky woman! But you knew that already!

Wd said...

Beth, that is a beautiful Gift, very well written.

Happy Birthday, Engineer!

Anonymous said...

So nice! Happy birthday! I turn the big "33" on Friday. Not so excited and I certainly won't be getting any wonderfully crafted love letters - unless you want to write one for dh!!