Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Red Shoes

When I was pregnant with Zoodle, an online children's shoe store was liquidating its inventory. I got lots and lots of shoes for $1 and $2 a pair. Yesterday I checked the box on a pair of red dress shoes I'd bought for Chickie and realized they were her size.

She saw them...and fell in love.

The beauty of dress shoes that cost a buck or two is that when Chickie asked to wear them today, I didn't mind that she was wearing jeans, not a fancy red dress. I'm guessing today was the first day of many that her feet will be dressed in red faux patent leather, no matter what color her outfit is.

They are fun to wear when sitting...


...but especially delightful when running on tile. What a great clip-clop noise they make!


And I betcha didn't know...red shoes are all the rage with PJs these days.



~hon~ said...

Awww...that's just so adorable! She sure loves them. They're so lovely on her. Funny how she wore it with PJs. hehehe! So what was she doing on that last photo?

Oh btw, since I love you dearly, I turned out the music in my site. Respect for everyone. I think it's a good idea to have it like that. hehehe!


Angie said...

I love them! I have to make sure my shoe fetish queen doesn't see them. I'm sure she would want a pair. I'm so jealous you got shoes for $1 and $2!

EliandMe said...

Hi Chickie, can I borrow your shoes? I am sure I can squeeze my adult feet into them, you know, if I really tried and didn't mind not being able to walk or run or move.

Thanks x

Isabella said...

What awesome shoes! Very, very jealous. :)

Jenners said...

So cute! And it brings back some memories for me. When I was a little girl, I had a pair of red shoes that I never took off. My mom and dad said I wore them everywhere ... much like your daughter. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "Schindler's List" but there is a scene in there with a little girl who is wearing red shoes/red coat (about the only spot of color in the film) and when my dad saw it, he said he instantly thought of me as a little girl and started crying. It really got to him and to me when he told me that. May your daughter love her red shoes until they fall apart!

Clare Therese said...

too cute. it reminds me of my own daughter. She has shoes just like that only they're black. too too cute

C. Beth said...

hon--She was watching TV. :) Please don't keep your blog music off! I'm all for people putting things like that on their blogs--my like or dislike of it doesn't need to factor in at all. My post on being Queen of the World was written with the understanding that I really don't (and shouldn't) have any say in these matters! Thank you for the thought though. :)

Angie--I actually thought of sweet Paige when Chickie liked these shoes so much!

EliandMe--She is taking your request under consideration. ;)

Isabella--I'm glad you like them too!

Jenners--That is such a sweet story and almost made me tear up.

Who Me?--How cute! Aren't pretty little girl shoes fun?

Bobbi said...

Hi Beth! Found your blog via a comment Becki left over on my blog. :)

My niece Kate had a pair of glittery red shoes just like Chickie's, when she was Chickie's age. I wish I could get away with wearing sparkly red shoes all the time too!

Becky said...

I love the shoes! I wish I had a pair like that, too.

Faith said...

Girls and their shoes - watchout!!

Glad to have pics of Chickie & Zoodle again. :)

(Btw, my word verification was "comets". I actually got a real word)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE those shoes!!!! sorry I am a little behind reading your blog these days!!! hope you are well!

Sandra said...

For several years, our 9 y/o granddaughter, Lulu LOVED red sparkly shoes that we called her Wizard of Oz shoes. She went through about four pair of them because she wore them all the time!

She doesn't wear them any more, but I was delighted when I found some at Build-a-Bear, so her Bear will be getting some for Christmas!

Unknown said...

Every little girl needs red shiny (or sparkly) shoes at some point in her life!

C. Beth said...

Hey, rainylakechick, great to hear from you! Your blog is fun too!

Becky--I think we really should all have patent leather red Mary Janes. :)

Faith--Yay, it makes me happy to get real words as word verifications!

Rebecca--I hope you're well too, and your little bean! :)

Sandra--Oh, she would probably love sparkly ones! The bear shoes sound adorable.

ElleBee--A good rule to live by! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, was that the Darling shoe sale? I bought a ton from that place! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

Darnit, that's what I miss by having all boys!