Monday, December 1, 2008

Heartfelt apology

I am truly sorry. I looked back at my most recent posts, and there are no new pictures of Chickie and Zoodle. Sometimes I forget that having the two cutest kids in the world is a privilege but also comes with responsibility--I must share their beauty with the world, regularly. Forgive my oversight--it must have been my motherly humility (cough, cough.) I am ready to make up for my error by providing several ridiculously cute photos in today's post. Ready?

The kiddos really enjoyed having Mamma and Papa here. Mamma brought Chickie her very own apron and chef cap.


We tried to get a good photo of Zoodle with Papa, but Zoodle was very grumpy. (On a positive note, he's completely adorable when he's grumpy.)


The next morning he was in high spirits, ready to smile for Papa and Mamma.



Chickie enjoyed cuddle time with Papa, too.


Zoodle's most recent mischievous achievement is learning to climb onto small things like the lid of our storage ottoman.


And...after the poop stress yesterday morning, Chickie (drumroll please) ended up with a fourth sticker on her potty chart before she went to bed. I'm sure it would go without saying--Mama was very happy. Next time--WALL-E DVD!


I just caught up on the comments from yesterday's post. I'll post a response as a comment there. Thanks!


EliandMe said...


Becky said...

Very cute!

Kristi said...

Zoodle just keeps looking bigger and bigger. SO handsome! Great pics!

Unknown said...

I just giggle every time I see pics of Chickie and Zoodle. They are so adorable. Love Chickie's apron and chef's hat! Also, YAY CHICKIE on the poopfront!

Sandra said...

Those really are two adorable kids, Mommy. And Mamma and Papa are pretty cute too!

I LOVE the chef's outfit -- what a perfect gift for a little girl. Clever grandma.

Our Scoop said...

SOOOOO CUTE!!!! Can Chickie be any cuter in that outfit??? And Zoodle! Oh my cute and so grown up!

Mike said...

What adorable kids you have! (The better to smother with kisses :P)

I see we're getting close to a certain DVD!!


Lyndsay said...

While I wouldn't be doing my mommy ego justice if I didn't proclaim Kate as the cutest kid in the universe ... I'll easily agree with you that Chickie and Zoodle take #2 and #3!

C. Beth said...

Eliandme--That's my reaction! :)


Kristi--I know, he is big--over 19 lb now!

ElleBee--Giggles are good!

Sandra--Yes, I LOVE the chef outfit and was thrilled when Mamma took Chickie downstairs to model it.

Our Scoop--Thank you! I know...soon he won't be a baby.

Mike-Let's hope that DVD gets given to her SOON!

Our Scoop said...

One more need to get Chickie a little French hat or a cute "newsboy" (I think that's what they are called right now) hat. She is definitely a cute hat wearer! She looks so cute!

Chase said...

omg! Your lil baker looks just like you!

So cute

C. Beth said...

Lyndsay--I admit Kate is definitely in the running, but that's as far as I'll go. ;)

Our Scoop--That would be adorable! She didn't used to wear hats; I'm glad she'll wear them now, at least for a little while.

Chase--Even I think she looks a lot like me, and parents can't usually see it!

meili_lo said...

very adorable kids! :o)
thanks for sharing...