Friday, August 1, 2008


My friend Laurel finds it amusing that Chickie loves to play with toy trucks and knows the names of various types of construction vehicles. "She doesn't play with dolls, does she?" Laurel asked me.

Well, Chickie does occasionally play with dolls. Today I found her favorite doll, Baby Gina, in the diaper bag. I tossed it to her and was rewarded with a happy, "Thank you!"

Laurel would be proud! I thought.

And then she drove a Hot Wheels car on Baby Gina's head and tossed her on the coffee table.

She is currently hitting herself on the head with her Thomas the Tank Engine trains, saying, "No, don't hit me!"

That's my girl.


Our Scoop said...

Beth! You are hilarious. I like reading your blog entries. You make me laugh!! Also, tried the rice, beans, Rotell mixture for lunch - delish! (I realize that was many many posts ago!!)

-karen deal-

Angie said...

I swear Paige & Anna are related. She plays with dolls, cars, Bob the Builder, Thomas, everything. Throw in her shoe fetish and her love of putting rocks in her pocket, and I think she's a very different little girl.