Sunday, August 17, 2008

Foundational truths

For The Odd Couple I'll be wearing a couple of fabulous vintage 1960s dresses. (Pictures later!) I "modeled" them both for our director, Linda, the other day.

Linda complimented me on the second dress, then came close to me and lowered her voice.

"You may want to get a good foundation garment," she said in a kind, conspiratorial tone. "It'll help smooth things out and will make it easier to zip it up."

Foundation garment--that's code for girdle.

Yep, I've had two kids, and my body is still recovering from the second, and honestly I wonder if my skin is ever going to entirely bounce back this time. I have...

(deep breath)

...a little tummy pooch. Yes, I said it. Hear that, Zoodle? I've got some saggy skin on my belly, thanks to you. And while we're being honest, there's still some extra fat there too. You are worth it, kiddo...but I miss that taut skin.

So I will be "smoothing and cinching" with this bit of spandex, stays, and hooks:


The comfort of this garment is still to be determined; a brief time in a fitting room doesn't tell me much. But it definitely works--my tummy profile is nicely smooth with this little miracle (or little torture device, however you look at it).

Think it would go well with a bikini?


beckiwithani said...

Ugh! That reminds me of when I went to try on a bridesmaid's dress for my friend Carolyn's wedding. Molly was probably 2 or 3 months, and I was pretty darn proud of the fact that I could fit into my old jeans (even if it was just the stretchy low-rise ones). The dress was a typical bridesmaids dress of fairly structured material, and I thought I looked nice. Then the woman at the bridal store said in a conspiratorial voice, "You know, just to help yourself be more confident, you might want to get something to hold you in a little. Trust me, I understand -- I had a C-section and had to be a bridesmaid afterwards!" I was just like, "Okay, thanks, but I feel pretty confident already, and the wedding's still a few months away..."

I feel your pain! Your body will continue to recover, though -- it really hasn't been very long! :)

Unknown said...

Your sister may "feel your pain," but let me tell you the truth. It took me YEARS to get rid of my flabby tummy after you two were born! Your mom, however, did quite better.

Love, Dad

MrsCaywood said...

That is hillarious!!! Maybe I should go get me one of them tummy sucky iny thingys...Hmmmm.... I have to go get fitter for my sisters wedding in the next 6 weeks, and if the store lady tells me I should use one....I really feel for her!!!! J/K. I wopuld probably just agree and pay up! LoL...let me know how it works!

Posey said...

SPANX! Spanx are the answer!

LEstes65 said...

Tummy pouch? Oh honey...I WISH I had one your size! Hahahaha! But I hear you - when you where vintage like that, it's very unforgiving - even for someone as skinny as you!

Can't wait to see pix!