Sunday, August 3, 2008

Homemade play dough

When I was growing up, my mom didn't buy Play Doh. We made our own dough, and when I tried the "real" (i.e., storebought) stuff for the first time I was surprised how much less malleable it was than the great stuff we made at home.

So I was excited when I checked one of my favorite blogs recently and found a recipe for play dough that I think is very similar to the one we used when I was growing up. Click here to check it out.

Last week Chickie wanted to play with play dough, so we made our own. It brought back great "sense memories"--the salty scent as I cooked the dough, and the warm feel as I kneaded. I even tasted a bit of it, and I let Chickie do the same--then had to try to convince her its main purpose was as a plaything, not a main dish.

One note--when we were growing up we put the food coloring in after cooking the dough, once it had cooled enough to handle. That way we could make multiple colors with one batch. I did that with this recipe, and it worked nicely. Sure, I got stains on my hands, but let's be realistic--if you're going to have kids, you gotta be willing to get your hands dirty!

Chickie and I had fun. I asked her what she wanted me to make, and she said a dinosaur. So I made a red Brachiosaurus. I asked her what she wanted me to make out of the yellow, and she said...a dinosaur. So she got a lovely golden T-Rex. Next was a green Stegosaurus. And with the small amount of green left over, she of course wanted a fourth dino, so she got some sort of flying thing that probably went extinct simply due to its extreme ugliness. It was fun.

Thanks to Jonah Lisa for the recipe, and thanks to Mom for the memories!


Mommy Vern said...

Thanks for sharing this, I can't wait to give it a try. My mom made our own as well growing up!

Anonymous said...

So cool that you can add the food coloring after the dough is made. I had no idea but that way we could make way more colors and not have so much left that we had to give away half of it! Though Huck's friend was very excited to have some.

Thanks for the link.