Saturday, August 9, 2008

Million dollar idea

Well, I thought I had my big money-making idea.

Remember my recent post with pictures of Albert Einstein and Zoodle? Well, Jonah Lisa suggested I make something with those images. That got me to thinking.

So I put the two images together and started the process of opening an online shop with Cafe' Press, who lets you design and sell T-shirts, mugs, etc. I figured I'd buy some for my family as gifts and maybe even sell a few. Quirky stuff sells well, right?

Then I encountered a problem.

Albert EinsteinTM is actually a trademark; the genius bequeathed his name and image to Hebrew University. Yep, they makes lots of money off of him, so I can't just go selling Albert & Zoodle cap sleeve baby tees. It says so right here. In fact, I'm very carefully checking the peep hole in my front door every time the bell rings, since I'm expecting a SWAT team any time, ready to arrest me for using the image without permission on this lil' ol' blog.

My first million dollar idea is dead, but never fear, I have another. I am now selling my name and image. You can own them and place them on all sorts of merchandise.

Bring offers.


Unknown said...

,(I'm not using your name here so I don't have to pay royalties.)

I don't think your local police will care about the blog, but Jewish Mossad might!

Love, Dad of No-Name

LEstes65 said...

Oh goodness. If the copyright police had enough time to read everyone's blogs, they'd have to arrest almost EVERYONE! I mean, honestly, I know for a fact almost every 3rd MySpace site has copyrighted material as the profile picture.

But bummer. And good for you for being thorough.