Friday, August 15, 2008

Would there be any interest... me posting a video of Zoodle's birth?

It's not graphic; the video camera was set up on a table in the birthing room, and with me in the tub the view is of the top of me (wearing a bikini top)--not to mention the fact that the midwife spent quite a bit of time between me and the camera. But you can hear what's happening, and see some of it, and you can see when I hold Zoodle for the first time.

I just got up the courage to watch it this morning and of course bawled my eyes out...but it's my baby and not yours and so I don't know if it would be of interest to many of my blog readers or not. Just comment below and let me know. With years in theatre my inhibitions and modesty are not what they used to be, so I need honest opinions here!

If I do post it, you'll have to click to watch it, so it'll be "optional"! But if I post, and you prepared for lots of obvious statements like, "This really hurts!!!!!" Yep, no painless birth for me. Beautiful...but not painless.

Edited--thank you for the comments! I may be posting it at some point. It's not uploaded yet, and I'm still talking to The Engineer about the privacy aspect of it. I'd like to share it; I just never know quite where my boundaries should be as I share information in a forum accessible to anyone with Internet access. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

I would be honored! please share!

Anonymous said...

I have never commented before, but I would be interested in seeing the birth of Eli. I had a nonmedicated birth for my second child and there were a lot of this really hurts going on in the room and things like, why is it again that I can't have the epi???? T

Becky said...

Absolutely! I bawl whenever I watch A Baby Story or any of those other shows - I just love videos & stories of birth. :-)

Anonymous said...


I'd LOVE to watch Eli's birth. It'll help let me know I can survive a natural delivery with baby #2 whenever that happens :)


Angie said...

Please post it. I think it would be amazing to watch!

Mommy Vern said...

What a beautiful moment to share with your readers! I would be honored, too. If you remember, when I posted my birth story I said I wished I had recorded it. So, it will be nice to be able to reflect on yours, although with no complications similiar in that we both labored naturally. :) Can't wait!!