Monday, August 25, 2008

Bring it on

I hope you enjoy the new look of the blog. It's not officially fall yet, but the general sound of groaning emanating from half the houses in the neighborhood indicates that it is time for school to start this week. Let's hope the weather turns "fall-ish" very soon.

I've been working on one other change which is less obvious but probably more welcome. I've been consciously making my posts shorter. My favorite high school English teacher told me I was too verbose, so I'm trying to change that. I want this blog to be readable if you have two minutes on your hands, rather than counting on you taking an afternoon off work to read my latest post.

Now it's your turn to give me any feedback about where you'd like this blog to go. Is there a type of post you like, or don't like? Maybe a particular topic you'd really like me to address soon? A grammar mistake I repeatedly make that you want me to change? (Like incomplete sentences or too many question marks?)

Bring it on.

And completely off topic, but...happy 36th anniversary to my wonderful parents! Thanks for setting a great example for me. I hope you have at least 36 more wonderful years. Hey, you married young.... It's possible.


Shari said...

I love reading your blog, long or short, I always look forward to a new posting!! No need to change a thing, just keep up the great, humorous writing!
The new picture of Ana is beautiful, not that they all aren't, but this is a great shot!

Anonymous said...

Please don't change your blog style. I love reading everything (all your topics)whether they are long or short. Love and miss you, Roshel

Lyndsay said...

I wouldn't change a thing! I had to laugh at your "shorter" post. I am SO having that problem as I am starting to get into blogging. How did I get so wordy, lol!

Our Scoop said...

I love your new header! It's beautiful and makes me hopeful for temps under 110! Also, I love your blog. I love the way your write. You are creative and so humorous! Also LOVE LOVE the new pics on the side bar. Honestly the one of Jason squeezing your head freaked me out a bit!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

you are fine... I do want to see that baby being born though! :o) love the stories of Ana and what she says and does... I LOVED the peaches picture. I still laugh at that!

Special K said...

I love all your posts! I love the wit you posess. And the short but silly way you present things is great- loved the peach comments! I also like the ones of exasperation with life with kids. I remember thinking you were som sort of saint dealing with a husband in the hospital and then one night you burned popcorn or a dish and just hit the wall on emotions. That's my life. I like knowing that I'm not the only one who isn't perfect!

Kara said...

I like long posts! They give me more to read while I am ignoring my housework during naptime :-)

maybe a stupid question... do the leaves change in Texas? We are already getting some fall color (gasp!) around Boston because we've had some cool weather. I have never spent fall in any other part of the country, so I don't know if you all have fall colors (blush) :-)

C. Beth said...

Thank you all for the kind comments! They are very nice to read. Any constructive criticism or just requests are still welcome too!

Kara--No, we don't get fall color, at least not much. :-( Most of the trees around here are cedar junipers and live oaks which are both evergreen. There are trees here and there that change but not many. The first time I saw "real" fall colors was when my brother got married in the northeast during the fall--it was so gorgeous and I wish it happened here!!

Rebecca--Still haven't even uploaded the birth. I want to share it but Jason is concerned about privacy, which I understand too. We'll see.

Mommy Vern said...

I like it just as is! It's funny, I was thinking this about my own blog the other day- especially about grammar, since I have been writing late at night! My posts are wordy and full of errors! Oh well, hopefully all 3 of my readers can look over my mistakes. Like I said, your posts are great-humorous and always thought provoking!