Saturday, August 30, 2008

And today's featured artist... Chickie. Just one name, like Cher. Aliases include Silly Billy and Goober Girl.

Pieces #1 and #2:
Titles: Seagull 1 and Seagull 2
Medium: Crayola Washable Paint on construction paper
Notes: At various times in the creation of these projects, the artist described the subject as a trampoline, a girl, and a banana. The benefit of abstract art is that the artist can continually change the subject, and no one is the wiser. In the end, she declared both pictures to be seagulls.

The Artist at Work:

The Finished Projects:

Seagull 1:

Seagull 2:

The Cleanup:

I am happy to report that these paints are easily washed off of skin and hair.

And tables.

And chairs, floors, and doors.

And hopefully fairly new comforters.... We'll see.

Piece #3:
Title: Alternative Uses for Fluoride
Medium: Colgate gel toothpaste on glass shower door
Notes: This artist has yet to learn an important lesson. No matter how artistic it is, tagging is indeed illegal graffiti. The judge required the artist to assist in cleaning up. While the artist preferred using her tongue, the judge insisted she use a washrag instead.

The Cleanup (and, yes, the destruction of this piece of rebel art):

Piece #4:
Title: Bob's Teeth
Medium: Ballpoint pen on magazine
Notes: If your children go to the same school as the artist in the future, you may wish to suggest they not allow her to sign their yearbooks.

And I never thought Trainer Bob's teeth needed braces.


Anonymous said...

are they for sale? :o) I love her little haircut! did you do that too? or just her bangs?

Laurel said...

Her hair came out really cute! What an artist! I like Seagull 1 the best.

Laurel and Darce

C. Beth said...

Thanks, ladies! Honestly, the hair looks pretty darn uneven to me. But friends and Jason assure me it's not too noticeable so I'll keep working on it....

Our Scoop said...

Ok, seriously...that is the best blog entry I have ever read. You are so darn clever - I can't stand it :) And seriously, I love the art! That stuff sells for millions of bucks! I think there is a star in the making...


Angie said...

Very nice artwork there! We use that medium a lot as well. Only, Mommy usually allows it outside.

LEstes65 said...

Poor oppressed artist! She's being kept DOWN by the MAN! Well, in this case, by the MOM. Toothpaste tagging - I think she's started a new trend!

Becky said...

I love the artwork! And her haircut is adorable.

"Alternative Uses for Fluoride" brings to mind one of my son's best-known (in our house, anyway) pieces of art: "Alternative Uses for Sunscreen", subtitle "The Interior of the Minivan is Not Usually White". Evidently he and Ana belong to the same troop of experimental artists.

Anonymous said...

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