Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sick Zoodle

Zoodle has had a fever since Sunday night. Tuesday at 3:20 a.m. he woke up fussing, and his fever had spiked high enough for me to take him to the ER at the fantastic local children's hospital. A chest x-ray showed what might be the beginnings of pneumonia, so he's on a (ridiculously expensive) antibiotic. His fever broke while we were in the ER, and they let us go home.

Zoodle's fever is still coming and going but it hasn't gotten terribly high again. He's been sleeping a lot, so I think his little body is working hard to fight this off. I'm pretty fried , so I'm claiming my occasional right to publish a boring, non-creative blog post. (What, you didn't know about that basic human right? It's an important one!)

Once again, I'm so thankful to be living in an era, and in an area, where we can get quick, quality medical attention. My biggest worry is what the bill is going to look like, and that's really not a big deal in the whole scheme of things.


Chigger Hill Cottage said...

Glad he's better! Mom has hurt just as bad, huh?

Tia said...

Feel better soon Z!

Teresa said...

I hope Zoodle is feeling much better soon! Try to get some rest for yourself too!

beckiwithani said...

Poor guy! What is he on? I'm surprised they didn't use Zithromax - which now comes in a generic - for pneumonia. It's one of the ones commonly used for respiratory things. Well, maybe you'll meet your deductible again this year ...!

Kara said...

I hope he's feeling better soon! Pneumonia, poor baby! :-(

Call Me Cate said...

Here's hoping Zoodle's back to normal soon!

I won't even get started about prescription costs. I'm a bit miffed about some of my own right now. But I'm grateful I have insurance and access to great medical care.

Yes, the bills are secondary. But still tough to swallow.

Becky said...

Aw, poor guy! Glad he's on the mend!

You probably already know this, but on the off-chance you don' can call your hospital's billing office and get a "prompt pay" discount of at least 5% (and a lot of times, it's more than that - I'd start by asking for 20% and see what they say). That's kind of part of what I do at my job, so I know that almost all hospitals will do that. But yeah. Even with a discount, medical bills are no fun. But definitely worth it, to have a healthy baby.

Our Scoop said...

Praying for little Z...praying for you and the Engineer too!

2cats said...

Poor little guy and poor mommy too. How is big sister doing with all this?
I will ad you to my prayers tonight.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Poor baby. Thank goodness we can get such great care, and he's probably pretty grateful to have a fab Mommy right about now, too. I hear you on the med costs, but at least we can get it when we need it.

C. Beth said...

Chigger Hill--Yeah, it was rough at the ER!


Teresa--Thank you! I'm going to bed soon.

Becki--They are using Augmentin. $124!

Kara--Thank you! He's doing so much better today.

Cate--Yeah, the bills are tough to swallow. Not looking forward to it.

Becky--I didn't know I could do that! Thank you!

Our Scoop--Thank you so much!

2cats--Big sis seems totally healthy--yay! Thank you for the prayers!

RAS--Aw, thanks!

Becky said...

Beth, I sent you an email last night - just wanted to let you know, in case your spam filter caught it!