Friday, July 10, 2009

Another makeover revealed

Last week I did a giveaway for a blog makeover, and the lovely Kara won. Kara and I have "known" each other since our 3-year-old girls were babies--we "met" on a message board for mothers of kids all born in the same month. Now we both also have one-year-olds. I was so happy to be able to do this project with her!

Kara asked me to redesign a blog that she writes mostly for family members, so I won't be supplying a link here. The blog had a cute title (Abby & Lizzy's Excellent Adventures), and she kept it from being boring by posting tons of pics of her very non-boring, adorable little girls. But the layout was just a Blogger standard, and she wanted something more interesting.

Here is a "Before" screenshot:


Kara let me know that they are "girly girls" in her family. She suggested polka dots, and pink with black accents. Here is the "After" screenshot:


I designed a repeating tile background, and muted it because Kara didn't want it to distract from her kiddos' pics. I used the full-color version in the header. I also widened the posting area, so that Kara can start to post larger photos. The design was rounded out with larger text and coordinating colors.

It really is so much fun doing these designs. I wouldn't have a clue how to design a website, but with a graphics program and lots of free online tutorials on how to hack Blogger layouts, there's a lot you can do!

Even though you can't visit the blog I redesigned for Kara, you can visit another blog she authors (along with her friend Celeste.) It's professionally designed, and is one of the cutest blogs I've ever seen. It's called Itty Bitty Bistro, and on it you'll find lots of great recipes for toddler-friendly foods. Yesterday's post has a delicious-looking chicken dish. I can't guarantee that my kids will like it, but I know I will!

Kara, hope you enjoy the makeover!


Call Me Cate said...

Looks great! I'm going to take advantage of some free time (no boss!!!) today to work on a blog design for a project I've had in mind for awhile (yes, the one I emailed you about).

Laurel said...

I love the make-over. You may have found a new calling. :-). Great job and I'm sure Kara was excited.

janice said...

Love the blog make-over Beth! You're so creative & talented! It's adorable!

Ana - The Writer Today said...

Very nice blog design! This may definitely be a "calling" for your talents in this area.

Anna said...

very pretty!

Kara said...

I love my blog makeover, Beth! All my "readers" have been telling me how cute it is (and are so impressed that it was custom :-)

C. Beth said...

Cate--Hope your design is going well! (Sounds like it's been up and down based on your Tweets!)

Laurel--Thank you! It's really been fun to learn different things--I've learned a lot just since doing yours!

janice--Aww, thanks!!!

Ana--Thank you! It's just a hobby and one I may tire of, but for now it's fun.


Kara--Yaaay! I'm so glad it's popular with you and your readership. ;)

2cats said...

You did a great job, Beth. The colors are exciting without getting in the way. I bet she is very pleased.

Jesmi said...

Nice blog design! Thank you

Anonymous said...

My, my, Beth. I go away for a while, and come back to be surprised, yet again, by your creativity! This is just a darling layout and it makes me wish I was on blogger so that you could redesign mine too! WELL DONE!

LEstes65 said...

Dude, with all of your creativity, I am floored that you are not hosting your own TV show!

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Visiting from SITS and love the blog layout, both your client's and yours. I just did mine and it's hard work for both designer and client.

Bobbi said...

Cute blog layouts! My cousin in college is trying to learn about blog layouts on her summer break, so if any of your readers wants a new layout, they can contact her too!