Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Chickie is at that age where her little ears pick up so much, and her young brain processes things so quickly, and she asks questions--lots of questions! She's also still very literal, which makes some of the questions both comical and difficult! It's a little like talking to Data, that android from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Yesterday morning we were trying to get out of the house so I could drop off the kids at a friend's and go to an appointment. "Chickie, we need to go to your friends' house--we're running late," I said.

"We're running?"

"Well, I mean we're just going to be a little later than I wanted to be," I explained.

In her voice of logic, she informed me, "We're going to drive there, Mommy. It's too far to run."

Later in the day, I was getting ready to put both kids down for their naps. (Yes, Chickie has been napping again, almost daily! Mama's happy.) I was singing a song from Sandra Boynton's album Dog Train. "I need a nap," I sang. "I just can't taaake anymoooore."

"You can't take anymore what, Mommy?" Chickie asked.

And you know, it's really hard to explain these phrases that are part of my vocabulary but really make little logical sense. I said, "Well...it just means you're so tired that you can't take being awake any longer."

I love these literal questions, even though they sometimes leave me stumped! It shows me how much she is listening, and learning, constantly. If that rapid level of learning continued into adulthood, we'd all be brilliant. We'd still run late and find that sometimes we can't take anymore...but we'd be brilliant.


SciFi Mama said...

I think Paige is a cross between Data & Spock. She's a very literal Vulcan. Trying to explain things can be very hard.

Fannyfanackapan said...

Wait until they hit 14 and start speaking Klingon. Joshua lost the power of joined up talking between 14 and 16!

Eternal Lizdom said...

I remember Jeff's little cousin, around age 7, breaking down into distraught tears when, at dinner, Jeff told her that her eyes were bigger than her stomach.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Haha!!! I love those questions (and Dog Train - now I'm singing that song in my head). The other day, Monsoon asked me, "Where did you lose your mind, Mommy?" after I said I've lost my mind.

Jennypenny said...

My son is Chickie's age and very literal too. A while back I told him that he had his Papa wrapped around his little finger. With complete curiosity he looked down at his finger and said Papa? Where? It was too cute!

Barga said...

supposedly we are supposed to grow out of that stage, but I always wonder how tall i need to be to leave it

Hyla said...

LOL, cute!

Our Scoop said...

I love her brain! I also love that you, Mommy, take time to explain to her!!! Not many parents seem to take the time to do that! So kudos to you!! And I am SO happy for you that nap time has returned!!

Anonymous said...

I love to listen to kids. After raising 4 of my own, and now 5 grandkids(3 next door!), my brain is being tested lots here lately! My little 3 yr old grandson can "see" a train track in things I would have never noticed! I love looking at what he sees.