Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Giveaway--Blog makeover!

So here's something you should know about me. I get into some sort of hobby, and I'm passionate about it, until I get it out of my system. I really enjoyed making over my friend Laurel's blog, and then I learned some new skills and made mine over. Now I want to do another one. Here's what it includes.

  • I'll work with you to come up with a theme that fits you--if you want something less busy, brighter, or more masculine than my blog, you've got it!
  • I'll make a repeating tile for the background. (That's a small graphic that can repeat on the background of your blog without any obvious lines--like the flowers on mine.)
  • I'll make a new header/banner/masthead/whatever you like to call the title graphic.
  • I'll make a favicon (the little tiny icon that goes up to the left of your URL.) Sorry, but I am having zero luck getting a favicon to work on my friend Laurel's blog. Unless I miraculously figure it out, no favicons.
  • If you'd like to temporarily add me as an author with admin privileges, I'll also install all this for you, widen your posting column &/or add a third column (if you'd like me to), and add coordinating colors and borders behind your posting column and sidebar(s). If you prefer not to add me as a temporary blog author, I'll give you some links to help you figure out how to use the files I've sent you and how to make more changes.

There are some pretty big caveats:

  • You need to use Blogger for your blog. Sorry if you use WordPress or another platform--I'm clueless on how to use those.
  • I'll be using Blogger's Minima White template and modifying it. In other words, your blog's basic layout will be like mine, of course with different colors and graphics.
  • After I submit the first file(s) to you, you'll have opportunities to request changes twice--after that, any more changes are at my discretion. Of course, if I can't come up with something you like, you don't have to use it!
  • I'll want to post before and after screenshots on this blog when I'm done. (I'm happy to post a link to your blog too if you'd like me to.) If you have a private blog, I can digitally erase any personal information from it before posting.
  • I'll get it done...some day. It won't take forever, but it won't be overnight either! So please be patient.

Here's how you can enter:

  1. Leave any comment here--including a way to contact you (clickable name, e-mail address, etc.)
  2. Follow me by clicking "FOLLOW BLOG" on the blue bar at the top of the page, or subscribe to my blog in a reader. If you're already a follower or subscriber, you get an entry for that (one entry max even if you follow AND subscribe.)
  3. Tweet about this. (Example: "Enter for a free Blogger blog makeover thanks to @cbethblog at!")
  4. Follow me on Twitter.
  5. Post about this on your blog.

Post a separate comment for EACH entry.

If the winner lets me know that you referred them to the both win blog makeovers! So you don't lose anything by referring people; it just increases your chances.

This is a short-term contest--I'll use to choose a winner by the end of the day Thursday the 2nd. Good luck!


Kara said...

My personal blog is very boring - it's just plain green! Clearly, Abby and Lizzy need something much more exciting :-) (I think my email is in my profile, but, kara at ittybittybistro dot com)

Kara said...

I tweeted about the contest :-)

Shannon said...

Ooh,pick me! Pick me! My blog SOOOO needs a makeover, but I just can't get into doing it. What a great giveaway!

Kama said...

Hmmm . . . maybe if I have a new look, I'll blog more, lol. I'm in. But, if I tweet about it (I already follow you), do I need to put aother comment over here?

2cats said...

I really really need a new look. I have listened to your blog so many times, but I just don't get it. In fact I was thinking of emailing you and asking you to write out the instructions, but maybe this is the best way. Just select me to win your contest.

SciFi Mama said...

I can totally use a blog makeover. Please pick me@!@!!!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Digging your new look, and would very much enjoy a fancy make-over for my own little place. :)

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

I follow you, but only to win. Kidding, I thought I already was following, but apparently not? I blame blogger.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Although I've been MIA on twitter for two weeks, I'm still keeping stalker-tabs on you there.

Megan Fletcher said...

me, me, me, pick me! I really want some help "customizing" our blog. I have no idea what to do with PSE now that I have it. I would love to see what you'd come up with.

Megan Fletcher said...

i am now a follower of your blog. you are officially the first blog i'm following. i hope the generator likes me.

Megan Fletcher said...

okay, i also blogged about the contest. maybe someone reading my blog will enter too. but, i really have no idea who really reads my blog--well, i know a few.

Unknown said...

Ooooh, Blog Makeover.....yay!! I would love to win!

Unknown said...

I follow of course.

Unknown said...

I also follow you on twitter!