Thursday, June 12, 2008

Daddy's Girl

First things first--Chickie's "tempy temp" is back to normal, no more fever. WOO HOO!

Chickie is currently somewhat obsessed with anything to do with construction since she's been watching houses being built in our neighborhood. The other day we went to visit Daddy at work. She pointed above her at the ceiling of the parking garage.

"Dat's concwete, Mommy!"

"That's right, Chickie, it's concrete!"

"Dat's concwete, Mommy!"

"That's right, it is!"

Pause, then as we're walking out....

"I wike da concwete."

She likes the concrete. Hmm...her daddy is a civil engineer, and Mommy's background is in theatre. I have a pretty good guess who she's taking after!


beckiwithani said...

She can come work for her Uncle Donal some day!

P.S. I noticed no poem on your "About Me...." :)

Bri said...

That is so cute! Id be delighted if Adam just said "concwete" and couldnt care less if he knew what it actually was. Im so jealous of all the bright toddlers all around... but still love to hear all their cuteness!!!

Kerri said...

So cute......
My oldest is just like her Daddy too.

LEstes65 said...

She may wike da concwete but both her parents rock the music thing. I have no doubt she's got that in there, too. I look forward to her being on Worship Team: The Next Generation.