Saturday, June 21, 2008

Even if I WASN'T biased...

...I think I'd still find this little guy pretty darn cute.

Ready for prep school at the age of 12 weeks:


This kid's better at accessorizing than his mama is:

And just to prove that he's not always happy:


And a few seconds later:

I wish I looked that cute when I cry!


Anonymous said...

Beth, Eli is just too cute...even when he's crying!

LEstes65 said...

From a non family member who is not obligated to tell you diddly - that kid IS cute! Even when crying. Makes me wish I had a daughter to fix him up with. :)

Caroline said...

A-dorable! Are you SURE you don't want to have a few more? ;0)

Kristi said...

LOVE the "sad" pics! He's a doll, and if he made that "sad" face while I was watching him, I'd give him anything he wanted! :)