Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Mom Song

I love this song! It's sung by Zoodle's favorite group, Go Fish. The Go Fish Guys are 3 guys who sing primarily a capella music with percussion in the background, and she LOVES them. To all the moms reading this (my mom especially)'re cool.

The Mom Song
Words & music by Jamison J. Statema and Julie Statema
(c) 2007 Found Free Music (ASCAP)

Give me an "M" ("M! M!")
Give me an "O" ("O! O!")
Give me an "M" ("M! M!")
What's that spell?

If you have a stroller
But you're still a rock and roller
You're a mom
If you're tired of doing dishes
And you know who Elmo's fish is
You're a mom
If you have a lot of fun
But your work is never done
You're a mom

You're the boss, the driver
The ultimate survivor
A doctor, a cooker
Your man thinks your a looker
If you work all day
But you never get paid
You're a mom

If you need a sick day
But instead you're gonna play
You're a mom
If your first occupation
Sounds like a sweet vacation
You're a mom
If your living room floor
Looks like a toy store
You're a mom


If you mean the whole world
To a little boy or girl
You're a mom
The Bible that you hold
Can shape these little souls
You're a mom
If you have the most important job in the world
You're a mom


Anonymous said...

Abby and I love that one too!

LEstes65 said...

Oh cute!

Kristi said...

Beau and Luke say: Go Fish rocks!! :)