Friday, June 27, 2008

2nd coolest 2nd child product discovery

I've made a few cool product discoveries with Zoodle--things that make my mommy life easier, that I didn't know about when Chickie was tiny.

The coolest? The Miracle Blanket. But I've already raved about that.

Second coolest? Sensible Lines Milk Trays. These trays would make a great gift for a breastfeeding mom who pumps and freezes her milk.

Sensible Lines has created these great, BPA-free, trays that freeze milk in one-ounce tubes. Once a tray is full and frozen, the milk can be popped out and thrown in a normal, zippered freezer bag.


There are a few benefits to this type of storage:
  • Normal breast milk storage bags can really add up, cost-wise, especially for a mom who is pumping multiple times a day. These trays only need to be bought once, and a lot of the little "milk tubes" can be stored in one inexpensive freezer bag. Easy on the wallet and the landfills.
  • According to the Sensible Lines Website, freezing milk in smaller portions may preserve more of its nutrients since it freezes faster.
  • It's easy to thaw exactly the amount of milk needed--instead of searching for a bag of frozen milk that just happens to contain three ounces, the caregiver just thaws three little milk tubes. Simple.
My biggest complaint is that pretty quickly the lids of the trays get loose and the milk tends to slosh about a bit. (The literature that came with the trays explained that the softer, BPA-free plastic tends to loosen.) We haven't had any spills but I could see that being a potential problem. It still isn't enough to turn me away from this fantastic product; perhaps it's something they could improve in a future design.

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beckiwithani said...

This looks great! You'll have to remind me of it whenever I'm pregnant with my second (I don't trust myself to remember ANYTHING while pregnant! :)