Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A very important milestone

Chickie can now...

...drumroll please...

have her temperature taken ORALLY!

(Insert sound of mad applause and cheering.)

This is a big deal because neither I or a variety of doctors have ever been able to get accurate temperatures by putting the thermometer under her arm. I'm afraid she may have some terrible armpit mutation...but don't tell her I said that; she'll be scarred for life! So, to get an accurate temp we have to resort to the dreaded rectal method.

Chickie was fine with that until the last few months. I guess it's not all that unreasonable not to want a thermometer shoved "up there" even though it only takes our rectal thermometer a few seconds to give us a reading. I'm tired of holding her down and repeatedly promising, "If you cooperate, it'll go fast! Really!"

So today I asked the doctor when we can start doing oral temperatures. She said as soon as Chickie is able to hold the thermometer under her tongue with her mouth closed for long enough. So a few minutes ago we tried (with a different thermometer used ONLY orally, of course!) and I got a good, seemingly accurate temperature reading.

WOO HOO!!! (We celebrate the little things around here!)

Oh, yeah, and the reason we were at the doctor is because apparently we are still the House of Germs over here. Chickie spiked a very high temp in the middle of the night. Thankfully it's been lower today, but if it spikes again we've been instructed to go to the ER. (The doctor couldn't find anything specifically wrong.) So prayers are appreciated. The Engineer has also been sick with the same cough Zoodle has had, and while he's mending, it's not been a fun time for him either.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! I can totally appreciate your excitement! I remember when our middle son had a high fever and had to resort to suppositories. I seriously had to call my mom over to help me put them in. Hubby and I just couldn't do it because we were afraid of hurting him. Yes, we're wimps :-).