Friday, May 23, 2008


Thank you for bearing with all the sickness talk, and for praying!

Chickie's fever is still there but is significantly lower today. Her ear infection is improving, and we have extended her amoxycillin a few days since Mama forgot to give her the evening doses three days in a row! I guess I have a few other things on my mind but I'm determined to make sure she gets all her doses now.

Zoodle had plenty of awake time this morning, and his congestion is upper respiratory, not in the lungs--that is great! He is still coughing but seems more "himself" today.

I'm tired but doing okay.

Hopefully back to entertaining blog posts tomorrow!

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LEstes65 said...

I was glad to see you guys in church on Sunday. I wasn't expecting that. After singing at church, I have been dealing with sounding like Joan Rivers. I had a bit of a cough. The singing just put me over the edge. Laringitis (sp?). Fun fun. I sound like a honking goose.