Thursday, May 8, 2008

10 important facts, and 10 interesting facts

Important facts:

1. My first initial is C., and my middle name is Beth ("C. Beth"). I've always gone by Beth, from Day One.
2. Day One was a late summer day in 1977.
3. That was also Day One for my identical twin sister, Becki.
4. My brother Sean was almost three years old when Becki and I were born.
5. My dad Sam is a Baptist pastor and a really cool guy (yep, possible to be both).
6. My mom Cathy is retired after spending many years as a stay at home mom and a few years as an administrative assistant at the church, and she is an amusingly "gushing" grandma.
7. I was born in Phoenix, AZ; moved to Yuma, AZ at age 8; moved back to Phoenix for college; and moved to our current location in Texas about a year after I graduated.
8. The Engineer and I were married in the winter of 2000.
9. Chickie was born in the winter of 2006.
10. Zoodle was born in the spring of 2008.

Interesting facts:
1. I'm currently a little bit obsessed with the TV series Star Trek Enterprise which The Engineer and I have been Netflixing for a few months. (We are anxiously awaiting Disk One of Season 4 and I'm on the edge of my seat!! The crew saved the Earth from destruction by the Xindi but then they time-traveled to the 1940s! How will they get out of this one?!)
2. I'm kind of a geek. (See #1.)
3. My college degree is in theatre. I got burned out by the time I graduated and decided I didn't want to pursue it as a career. It was an expensive way to cultivate a hobby--thank goodness for scholarships.
4. I am breastfeeding two kids right now (well, not right this instant; that would be awesome multitasking). My 2-year-old and my 6-week-old are both quite attached to their "mommy milk".
5. After having a great birth experience with #1, complete with Pitocin induction and epidural; I had an amazing, beautiful, life-changing birth experience with #2--unmedicated water birth at an out-of-hospital birthing center.
6. Yesterday, at 5 weeks 4 days post-partum, I discovered my tummy has a few stretch marks that I did not see while pregnant (?!?!?!?!). I'm trying to tell myself that this further links me to generation upon generation of women who have suffered from these special souvenirs of pregnancy. Proof of the amazing journey my body has taken...right?
7. I'm a little obsessed with babywearing so be on the lookout for future posts about slings, wraps, and other must-have accessories used to strap on a baby (or a toddler).
8. I had maternity photos taken when I was 8 months pregnant with Zoodle, and when I saw the result I'd never felt more beautiful.
9. Despite loving my pregnant body, I don't really love the feel of being pregnant--which I need to remind myself of if Baby Fever comes back, because we don't plan to have more kids.
10. Did you know "souvenir" is spelled that way? I couldn't get it right without using spell check (see #6 above). I'm not sure why spell check can't find "Netflixing" (see #1 above). Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

Hi and welcome to the fun of blogging! I've seen and appreciated your posts on Jan06 BBC where I mostly-lurk, thought I'd check out your blog

Mike said...

Wow! My first post on Voglio Tempo was 11 days after your first on C. Beth Blog! :O Coincidence? Yes!