Saturday, May 31, 2008

The drawback to buying a brand new house

I am so thankful for the beautiful house we had built eight months ago...but there is a drawback. Door-to-door salespeople like to target new neighborhoods. For the record...
  • If we want to soften our water, we'll buy our own softener and salt instead of spending a ridiculous amount each month for your equipment.
  • We have a pest control company we love, owned by a friend we trust. Even though you've been in the pest control business two years and have never heard of them, I promise they really exist. No, I don't want another one of your cards; the guy from your company who came to our house last week gave us a card. Yes, I threw it away.
  • Our cheapo Eureka vacuum was rated very highly by Consumer Reports, and we don't need a Kirby. Even if it is strong enough suck up large objects and small animals.
Then Thursday we got another knock on the door. This one was unique, selling something I've never seen sold door-to-door before. Original oil paintings. Kind of odd, right? I mean, if we need decorations for our home, we can go to a gallery or a home decor store. It seems weird to buy paintings from some guy who's carrying them from house to house.

An hour and two painting sales later, he left our house.

We sure told him!


Unknown said...

I will laugh for a while on that! Thanks for the comedy.

Tia said...

Hi Beth, I am an April 06 mommy who found your blog through babycenter and just wanted to let you know I am reading! I also have one if you want to check it out (to make sure I am not some crazy person!!)

Your children are beautiful.

Julie said...

My neighborhood's not all that new anymore but we get tons and tons of solicitors. I finally put up a "no solicitors" sign above my doorbell. It has only been ignored once (by a Kirby salesman - shame on them).

You should post pics of the paintings you bought (too funny), I'd love to see them.

C. Beth said...

Julie--I will get pics posted of the paintings soon, good idea! :)