Saturday, May 24, 2008

Costco rocks!

Remember the beautiful flowers The Engineer got me from Costco? Here's another picture of them, from yesterday:


That's one week after he bought them. I've gotten roses that didn't look that good on the day I received them! Some of the the petals are starting to discolor, but overall they still look great. They've lost one leaf and zero petals.

And best of all, The Engineer revealed the price to me.

For two dozen roses with greenery and baby's breath...

You ready for this?

Fifteen dollars.

Yep, fifteen bucks!! I said in my previous post that they were probably less than the industrial-sized box of diapers he bought while at Costco--in fact, I think the diapers were $40, so he could have bought three bouquets for just a little more than the cost of the diapers. Three bouquets--six dozen roses! (Yeah, that might have been a bit excessive. My week wasnt that bad.)

One last tip if you love good deals like we do. When buying flowers for others, I like to go to Ross or TJ Maxx to buy a vase. I can get a beautiful, unique vase for less than the cheapo florist vases. Now I know where to get the flowers to fill it--the Costco quality and price sure beat what I find at a grocery store!


Cathy said...

You might could have gotten 3 dozen roses for the price of diapers, but I don't think they'd look very good on Eli! Love, mom

LEstes65 said...

Go Jason! Tell him he needs to bring flowers for the band. HAR!