Friday, May 16, 2008

The icky side of having kids

So the gentian violet thing ended up being a BIG mess yesterday. Too bad I didn't discover this link until late afternoon. It gives tips such as how to not use too much of the nasty purple stuff. Apparently if the baby's drool is purple you're using too much.


Not only was Zoodle's drool purple, but so was his shirt, my shirt, Chickie's mouth (since I had to treat a certain part of myself too and she comes in contact with that certain part when she nurses), the kitchen countertop (due to dripping), my hand (due to spilling), a couple of towels, the Miracle Blanket, and a burp cloth. Oh, and Zoodle looked like...well, the picture that kept coming to mind was a carniverous animal's face after feeding time, with the messy face, except apparently Zoodle's poor prey bleeds purple.

(Thankfully the above link does have good info on getting stains out, and so far I know that rubbing alcohol works quite well on countertops and skin.)

On top of the thrush, Chickie has had a cold and it progressed yesterday. She woke up from her nap with yucky yellow goop coming out of both eyes, and we spent the rest of the day wiping it off repeatedly (which she loves, let me tell ya).

By mid-afternoon I was complaining to The Engineer on the phone that it felt like my whole world was purple, and I was just having a rough day especially with Chickie's added sicky fussiness.

Thankfully The Engineer demonstrated his awesomeness by coming home a bit early, then taking both kids with him to grab some drive-through dinner so that I could have the house to myself for a little while. I spent that time in the tub reading an excellent political thriller by Joel Rosenberg (thanks, Mom & Dad for the tip!). By the time The Engineer came home with a baby who needed Mama, I was relaxed.

Then Chickie woke up at 2:30 a.m. crying (which doesn't often happen these days), and she came to sleep with us. Zoodle already sleeps with us, and four people in a queen-sized bed is pushing it. Chickie was on the edge of the bed, and at 5:49 a.m., BOOM! SCREAM! Yep, that was Chickie falling. And reacting.

We ended up getting up to ice her slightly fat lip. Haven't seen eye goop today but her poor little eyes are so swollen and she looks awful, so I'm off to call the doctor to try to get her in today.

Oh, and I have to do our morning gentian violet dosage (with my newly acquired small dosage skills), so wish me luck. Looks like I may need it today! Well, luck...and a nap.

Edited at 8:33 a.m.--Looks like we are WINNING the thrush battle! Gentian violet works quickly, and most or possibly all of the thrush is gone. Still used the GV this morning and will probably use it one more time today just to be safe. But things are looking up!


Kristi said...

Poor Ana (and mommy)! Glad to hear the thrush is on it's way out. Hopefully Ana's illness is on it's way out too!

And, how sweet is Jason?? Awwww!!!

beckiwithani said...

Well, at least this makes me feel like my week isn't going as badly as I hat thought.

Molly has only the third cold she's ever had ... but it's the second one in two weeks. I guess the fabulous immune system is weakening during this first spring that she isn't getting mommy milk antibodies. She's waking up over and over, coughing and crying. The only way we were able to get her back to sleep last night was to hold her propped up, and we didn't try this until about 4:45 AM (after waking up every hour or two with her all night). I was THRILLED when the alarm went off at 5:15.

Still not as bad as what's going on there, though! Thanks for helping me put things in perspective! ;)

beckiwithani said...

Typos - "as badly as I HAD thought," not "hat thought." And of course, you're supposed to read the THRILLED part as sarcastic. :)