Friday, February 26, 2010

Dad, I wanna be like you.

My dad is 58 years old, and he has been a runner for at least two decades (on and off.) In the last six months, he has run two half marathons...his first half marathons ever. He looks--and feels--a lot younger than he is!

I was excited that my dad could be my running partner during his visit. A freak all-day snowfall on Tuesday kept us from going, but yesterday we hit the pavement together.

Before we left, I asked, "What pace do you usually run at, Dad?"

His response was, "Don't worry, I'll just match your pace."

"Okay," I said,"but what is your pace, usually?"

"Oh," he responded, "usually about 9:20 or so a mile, on a four mile run."

Wow. Before I started running, that wouldn't have sounded too impressive to me. Now I realize--that's great! I am 26 years younger than him (yeah, yeah, do the math), and on a 5 km (3.1 mile) course, my best pace yet has been 10:19 per mile. Wednesday of this week, I ran one mile only, just to see what my pace might be, and it was 9:13. There was no way I could have sustained that pace for much longer--when I hit that mile mark, I immediately started walking!

So, Dad, I wanna be like you! When I'm at the end of my 6th decade of life, I'd love to be running way faster than I run today. I've got plenty of time to work on it--we're talking long-term goals here!

And, let's see, when I'm 58, you'll only be 84. I'm going to assume now that you won't have a problem with me swinging by your place and bringing you along to motivate me!


Eternal Lizdom said...

Great post!! I love your dad, too- in a different way, of course. His blog inspires me often!

He's a great runner!! Wow!

Do you happen to watch Amazing Race? There was a grandma and granddaughter team. The grandma is 71 and is a personal trainer and triathlete! She's pretty darn inspiring!

beckiwithani said...

Well, he'll only be 86 when you are 58, making it a little more likely that he'll be running wih you. ;)

C. Beth said...

Yeah yeah yeah, Becki, you always were the "math twin." That simple addition gets me every time. ;) (Thanks; I'll edit it!)

C. Beth said...

Oh, except he'll be 84, not 86.

Unknown said...

Love that!! I want to be out there and still running at his age too! (And at such an awesome pace!! WOW!) Great post Beth! Kudos to your dad and Kudos to you for getting out there and working on this yourself! =)

beckiwithani said...

Ha! As a math teacher, I'm embarrassed. But I'll blame it on my swollen sinuses pushing on my brain.

Our Scoop said...

SUPER impressive! Way to go Beth's Dad! That is so very awesome!! Disciplined mind and body!

Call Me Cate said...

Beth's (and Becki's) Dad is made of awesome! I very much admire that kind of endurance. My husband aims for just under a 9 min mile on his 5 mile runs and I think he's nuts. I'll be happy once I can sustain 10 min miles on a 5k. Good enough for me!

And if I'm still running at 58? Wow.

But I still think he'd be even MORE inspirational if he hooked you up w a Garmin watch!

Traci said...

What a cute blog. He's so cute, too. :) How cool that you can get inspiration from him.