Friday, February 12, 2010

The Internet survived without me!

In Christianity (and plenty of other religions), fasting has been a spiritual discipline for millenia. The idea is to not eat for a particular period of time (a meal, a day, three days, 40 days[!], etc.) and to focus on prayer.

I spent so many years pregnant and/or nursing, and during that time I really needed to eat regularly. My body was working with an extra-fast metabolism, and my kiddos were depending on that nutrition. So occasionally I'd do some sort of "media fast," where I'd stay away from TV, radio, and/or Internet for the better portion of a day. I found that for me, this seems to have more meaning than a traditional food fast. My brain slows down enough to pray--and relax--when I'm not constantly listening, watching, or typing.

I knew that yesterday some family members were going to be fasting and praying for the missionaries in Haiti, and I decided to take time away from the Internet. This isn't about strict rules; I didn't stay away 100% of the time. But I didn't read any news stories. (Checking Google News every other second for Haiti stories has been my recent obsession, and it really doesn't bring me much peace.) I checked email once, responding to very few. I kept Twitter and Facebook closed. I didn't check any blogs, only taking a few seconds to set up a writing prompt at my other blog.

It reminded me to pray. And beyond that, it just afforded me with more peace. It was hard not checking email, Twitter, news, etc. throughout the day, but it was also nice. I even got our taxes done (which required quite a bit of Internet time, but not of the fun variety.)

And you know what? The Internet survived without me. Maybe I should give it that opportunity more often.

(By the way, we are hopeful that the missionaries may be released Monday, but nothing is certain. If you do pray, please continue this weekend.)


Unknown said...

First of all I will keep the missionaries in my thoughts and pray they are released Monday!

It isn't a bad thing to unplug everyone once in a while.

Call Me Cate said...

I have so much trouble unplugging. Good for your taking the time off to let your mind rest.

Still hoping and praying about the missionary situation.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I like to limit my internet to one or two short sessions per day... but only insofar as I'm using it for blogs, email, Twitter, etc. I also use it for reference for my studies, or just to look up something that I'd otherwise look up in a book, and I don't try to disconnect myself from that!

LEstes65 said...

I only survive those absences because I know your phone number. (hee hee!)

I'm still praying. Thought of them first thing this morning when I woke up. Just wondering what it is like for them to wake this morning - making it through the day, etc. That bottle is in my fridge. Ready to crack as soon as you get word their released!!!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

I've been thinking about what I want to 'give up' for Lent. For me, the most I ever got out of an Easter season was the year I committed to DOING things instead of GIVING UP things. This year, I'm going to go to church EVERY weekend during Lent. You know about my new year's resolutions.. ;) I think this will aligh with those nicely and I think I'll get so much more out of it! :)
Big Sis starts Sunday school tomorrow (another great way to help us get there consistently!) and she couldn't be more excited. :)