Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My two little lobbyists

I headed down to our state Capitol today with Chickie and Zoodle in tow.  We went with my friend Tiffany and her beautiful, two-month-old baby.


We were there to visit the offices of state lawmakers, to encourage them to vote for a bill that will help midwives to better serve mothers and babies in our state.  A midwife assisted me when Zoodle was born, and I love the standard of care given by midwives.

We first met for breakfast with other families in our group.  It was really great to see so many women wholeheartedly supporting midwifery!


Chickie and Zoodle did great, even though it was a long day.  Chickie found a "walking stick" when we were making our way back to the parking garage.


Zoodle was tuckered out by the time we finished.


I thoroughly enjoyed this.  Other than voting and writing a few letters, I haven't tried to be personally involved in the legislative process in the past.  I was surprised how fun it was to speak out for an issue that is important to me.  I think I will do it again--hopefully with the help of my two little lobbyists.


Anonymous said...

Beth -- When Hubby and I were president of the high school PTA, I was invited to go with a group who were going to lobby legislators on something about education (it's been so long I don't remember what), but we went to a "class" on lobbying. What I remember most about the class was that we were told you would be surprised how few contacts state legislators get from their constituants. The leader said just a letter or phone call or two might make a difference in your legislator's vote. But the important thing he told us was that when you make contact BE SURE TO TELL THEM YOUR REASONING! He said sometimes they might really want to vote your way but don't have any specifics or good arguments to sway the others. So, he said, BE SPECIFIC. Don't only tell them how you want them to vote, but also give specific reasons why. That reasoning might be the persuasive argument needed to get others to vote their way!

Anna said...

Awesome Beth!
I loved my midwives!

EliandMe said...

Aw, it looks like you had a great day!

When we were children my mum used to take us out picketing for various causes, and I always feel slightly guilty that I am not more politically active - so kudos to you, you're an inspiration.

Eternal Lizdom said...

Not only did you get to do something you love, but your kids got to see you connected to your passion!!

Isabella said...

Ugh! I just wrote a lengthy comment and it was gobbled up by Blogger!

Short version:

What an awesome family trip! Chickie and Zoodle will be able to look back on this and be proud that their mom was an active voice in local legislation (and brought them along, too).

The "all tuckered out" photo of Zoodle is adorable.

You all look fantastic!
(I wish I lived in a warmer climate...oh, to be able to go outside without bundling up right now...)


Call Me Cate said...

The pics are great. In the first one, Zoodle's sorta leaned back like "hey, I'm here too, see me?!"! Then Chickie's pigtails... And Zoodle sleeping with his foot up.

It's great you were able to go support this. Reading your experience with Zoodle's birth was very interesting to me so I'm glad to know

CDB said...

Wow, this is so fantastic of you! A family of activists, and such an early age! I live in D.C. and still haven't done this. Thanks for inspiring!

TesoriTrovati said...

How encouraging Beth! You are giving your kids an experience that they might not remember fully bc of their age, but your passions will rub off on them and they will be better citizens becuase of it! Kudos!
Enjoy the day!

Scriptor Senex said...

When I first read the second paragraph I thought it said you'd gone to visit state lawnmowers... It's obviously past my bedtime. Zoodle's got the right idea. Night, night.

Lyndsay said...

Aw! What an awesome day. I love the pic of Zoodle all tuckered out in his stroller. Getting those politicians to listen is hard work, isn't it Zoodle?

Laurel said...

Love this!!!! So, proud of you!!!

Michelle Brunner said...

Very cool! So great to support a cause you believe in!

C. Beth said...

Sandra--What great advice--I'll keep it in mind for next time I contact legislators! :-D I hope there are plenty of "next times"!

Anna--I (heart) midwives. I have even thought maybe I'd like to do that eventually but I'd have a hard time with the risks involved in a health profession, and the losses.

EliandMe--The nice thing is, it's something that was FUN. I don't think we should get involved out of some sense of guilt, you know? It would be hard to maintain that. Discovering it's fun was key to me. So don't feel guilty--just get involved when it seems like the right time and the right cause for you. :)

Liz--I agree; that's got to be a good thing! :)

Mom--Ha!!! I thought about explaining the lopsided pigtails but I guess I didn't need to! You got it right!

Isabella--Boo on Blogger...they're having some comment difficulties lately. I LOVED the tuckered out pic too. He looked so cute!

Call Me Cate--It's really amazing how much my view of birth has changed through the years, getting me eventually to the point I was at when Zoodle was born.

CDB--I would imagine being around politics all the time it becomes such an every day thing--I think that can actually make it harder to find the motivation to be an "activist"!

Tesori Trovati--I hope they'll have more opportunities to create memories as they get older, so that they can remember, even though they won't remember today.

Scriptor Senex--Oh, yeah, you know me--PASSIONATE about lawnmowers! Ha!!

Lyndsay--Yeah, getting politicians to listen is hard, and being so cute also takes a great deal of energy. :)

Laurel--Thank you!!

C. Beth said...

Michelle--It was really fun too! :)