Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lisa Leonard jewelry giveaway!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.  (Anna L.--you just barely commented in time!  Good timing!)

Lisa Leonard has provided a 20% off coupon code to C. Beth Blog readers, so even though it's too late to win this necklace, you can get a discount when you purchase one of her great pieces!  The code is "momsrock20" and it should be good until at least mid-March 2009.


Last year around Mother's Day I discovered Lisa Leonard's handmade jewelry.  I hinted to the Engineer that I'd like one of her necklaces.  And by "hinted," I mean that I showed him exactly which necklace I wanted, told him what text I wanted on it, and placed my hands over his on the keyboard as he ordered it.  Okay, I didn't do the last thing, but I did answer questions as he placed the order.  I loved the "surprise" gift, and we were both happy.

Since then I've followed Lisa's awesome blog, and I've blogged about her jewelry a couple of times.  I know some of you have ordered her handmade pieces too.

So imagine how excited I was when she contacted me...and offered to do a giveaway for you, my fantabulous readers!

Woo hooooo!

I chose the adorable "little lovebird necklace" for this giveaway.

From the description on Lisa's website:  "This one is so cute, I can't stand it! A 1" sterling oval pendant is sweetened by a tiny bird with a heart wing. The word 'love' is stamped around the bottom of the oval, or choose your own word, up to 10 characters. Strung from 18" fine link chain with a cream freshwater pearl. Perfect!" Hopefully you will win...but if you don't, you can purchase this necklace at the "Something Inspired" page on Lisa's site.  And there are so many other gorgeous pieces!  Check it out--your wish list will be delightfully long.

Here are the rules:
  1. To enter, just leave a comment here.  Any comment will do, but maybe you'd like to entertain me by writing a haiku about why you'd like this necklace.  (In case you haven't figured out by now, I get a kick out of haiku.  It's a poetry form short enough that even with two kids I have time to read one.)
  2. You can win extra entries by encouraging your friends, family, blog readers, etc. to enter this contest.  In their entry, they need to let me know that you referred them...and you'll get an extra entry every time someone does that.
  3. I'll announce the winner (chosen randomly) on Valentine's Day--this Saturday.  Make sure either you come back to see if you won, or that I have a way to contact you (by linking to your blog, or leaving an e-mail address.)  
  4. Winner must have a mailing address in the US or Canada.
Good luck, and be sure to check back on Saturday to see who won!  And a big, huge THANKS to Lisa Leonard for her generosity!


Heather said...

this little bird does shine
encircling love for another to share
he waits in becoming mine

This is adorable...this little birdy. What talent she has. I will definately share the button and encourage others to peek in...and I'm going to mosey over to her site in a bit to see what other fine things she's created.

Thanks, C. Beth!

Shannon said...

Oh a little bird
Would look so nice on my neck
Send that bird to me

LOL! The necklace is great. I love Lisa Leonard's Jewelry and blog. I bought a pair of earrings for my mother's birthday this summer (after hearing your raves), and they were a big hit!

SciFi Mama said...

I'm not creative enough without coffee to write a haiku. Sorry. But I do love the necklace! It's beautiful.

mullensfam said...

It is a bit early to comment creatively...but one of my students had on a Lisa Leonard necklace. I felt so smart to recognize it after reading you blog...HA! See I can still be cool!

Special K said...

Oh so sweet! I'll leave a comment- I wish I knew how to make those! It would be so much fun to wear..if my daughter would let me:) Hope you're on the mend today!

Kerri said...

I haven't had enough caffeine to write a haiku. I haven't written one since the 6th grade so I'll leave it to the experts. But I love the necklace!!!

Anna said...

Mommy needs a love bird!
pretty it is!
not much of a poem!
but I like it a lot!

Call Me Cate said...

Teeny lovey bird
I'd like to bring you home to
live around my neck.

That necklace is absolutely adorable. So sweet.

And another:

Flattery won't help
but I'll try it anyway:
C. Beth is the best!

(Even word verification thinks so - my word is "woots". If that's not a sign I should win, I don't know what is!)

beckiwithani said...

I will write a haiku from the little bird's point of view:

Tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
Warble warble tweet tweet tweet
Tweet tweet warble tweet.

Lyndsay said...

You said the haiku was optional ... and you know I love you even though I can't write poetry or be bothered with things like syllables, right?

I must win.

Anonymous said...

Our family has a "contest" of sorts every year...the person that sees the first robin of the spring wins!! Since I "won" this year (wooohooo!)...the necklace would be the perfect prize!! In case you are wondering, this contest started with my dearest aunt that has since gone on to dance with the angels...and now continues with her daughter, Tia...who's blog is:
I've been dying for a necklace of Lisa's by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Necklace is pretty
It would look good on Mommy
I hope I win it

What a great contest! Thank you! My mom would love this necklace.

The Archduchess said...

Lovely birdie
Brings you luck on Valentine's
Tweet tweet.

That bird is indeed so cute I can't stand it! It makes me want to sing and dance amidst rainbows and flowers and bunnies. It is a-do-ra-ble.

(Seriously, though, beckiwithani's haiku is the best.)

Sarah said...

I am unfortunately not the poet in my relationship (Hubbs is a songwriter!
But I'd really love to win this giveway :) I'm in Canada - can I play?

Momza said...

Little bitty lovebird
You'd look great in my house
Come and visit...
Is that haiku? nah...but I'm in anyway!

Anonymous said...

Oh that is adorable! I remember when you posted about getting your necklace.

Oh and OT, but when I was at the store yesterday looking for medicine for the kids, I saw a Neti Pot and thought about your pic! LOL

nopinkhere said...

ooh, pretty necklace
makes me want to wear jew'lry
though I never do

cool giveaway Beth!

Sasha said...

I'm no poet
but I'd love
to enter anyway


AmyT said...

SO cute!! I want in!

Megan Fletcher said...

have no clue
how to write a haiku
but i would like that bird
so i'm leaving a word
and i posted a link
so my friends with think
to come on over too!

Isabella said...

Birdie birdie dear
Standing there so round and cute
On my neck you'll be

(I hope)


Anonymous said...

Great giveaway! And super smart format!

I LOVE my Mommy necklace from Lisa Leonard. I did the exact same kind of hinting to get it--I opened the website, pointed to it and said, "I want this."

I call it "husband-proof hinting."

The Harmon's said...

Cute necklance, Sasha sent me your way.


Unknown said...

Beautiful necklace! I love Lisa Leonard's stuff!

Pretty little bird
On a chain of silver balls
Pretty gift for friend

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

OMG, how cute!
(How is that for a SHORT kinda-poem!)
Beth, I remember you finding this jewelry last year when you and I were both searching for the perfect 'mom, but doesn't look like mom' jewelry!

I'm loving birds and even decorated my Jan06er's room with them!

I'll link your giveaway to my blog!!
(Oh, and how did I get here? From Sasha, of course!) :)
Elaine (txmommatobe)

Mrs. Everything said...

Sooo cute!

I found you via Sasha!!

Dan Felstead said...

Oh boy Beth...you know how I am when it comes to writing poetry! My ridiculous attempt:

My gift to my wife
She knows not where it came from
I am so smooth NOT!

Dan the Poet?

Ann said...

Great giveaway! Sasha sent me...

Anonymous said...

Super cool giveaway! What an adorable little necklace. Fits right into my chicken themed pictures, lol!

Marny said...

Very cute!!! Bri sent me.

Unknown said...

I have been drooling over Lisa's designs for months! So adorable!! I am definitely linking on my blog to increase my chances of winning such an adorable little necklace!! Thanks!!

PS Sasha sent me!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Super cute giveaway!
Ps ... Bri sent me :)

Kristi said...

Becki can write a mean Haiku! LOL!

Already have one
Teenie tiny initials
Would love another

I love the necklace I bought from Lisa Leonard last year! Thanks to you, Beth, for the recommendation!

Anonymous said...

Beth- I'm not sure how to write a haiku and don't feel like researching it. How about an acrostic poem, instead?

Beautiful little creature
Into the tree you fly
Rising into the sky
Don't make a mess on my car

Our Scoop said...

Beth! I do not like poetry as much as you...I'm sorry to say. I sure wish I did. I don't even know what a haiku is! Can you remind me??

Please pick me
Little Bethy bee
I really want to win
This poem is a sin.

That's how scary my writing is...

Marina said...

What an adorable necklace! ~ :) Wish I could think of a haiku! Drats!

sounders68 [at] gmail.com

Emily said...

Hi...cute birdy!!

I was referred by April from dot...dot...dot


Thanks for the great contest!


Funny in My Mind said...

Oh birdie
You are Sweet
And can't poo on my car
Tweet Tweet

N + S said...

so cute!

TuTu's Bliss said...

Love it! Funny in my mind pointed me in your direction!! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh little birdie you are so cute
I wish to possess you for no loot. :)

Love the necklace! I will be checking your blog on Saturday.

Have a great day,


Trace said...

"Tweet! Tweet!" says the bird.
"I need to go see Tracy.
She is my new friend."

My talent..it is astounding, no? No.

I remember when you posted about the necklace you bought. It was so sweet! : )

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lovebird Necklace
What secrets can you tell me
Whisper in my ear.

The necklace is adorable. Lisa Leonard is a very inspirational and generous person.

Pam M.

Bri said...

Hmmm, my comment isn't here. I know I left one. Let me try again...

Here is a haiku
Just for Beth, isn't she great/
As sweet as the bird

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet necklace!
Little birdie is so cute!
tweet tweet little bird! :)

Is that a haiku?? LOL :)What a fun thing you and Lisa Leonard are doing!

stacief said...

I wish I knew how to haiku!

But I can rhyme!

I love the necklace and would love to win, thanks Beth!

Loni said...

i'm glad the haiku is optional as I haven't a clue how to haiku... i do like this pendant though so I hope the random picker picks me me me me me me

Deirdre said...

tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
i would like that necklace yes
it would be nice to win (whoops that's a sixer)


Anonymous said...

Haiku, you just brought on the same anxiety attack I used to get when I whenever we were in the poetry section of English class and were told to write three haikus for the next class.

So I focused on the bird and went awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Loni sent me.

Anonymous said...

That is precious! I will have to check out her site!
VERY cute stuff!

Laurel said...

Me too. I want to enter the contest!!


Zebbie said...

Cute bird on V-day
Would be nice, boyfriend clueless
Can't rely on him.

See, I need it. ;)

Tiffany said...

Alone again on v-day
Winning a nice necklace
Would brighten up my day

Ok that wasn't that great but its true. Another year of being alone due to the Army!!

Oh yeah Bri sent me!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love it!! So cute... maybe I'll get lucky and win it... sorry.. no haiku!

(oh yeah... Bri sent me! Lol)

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

what a lovely necklace! lisa's jewelry has been on my wish list for a while now.

Sandra said...

I found you because TheChicGeek commented, so I checked out her blog and saw your link, and came here... whew... I'm tired...

But!!! We have something in COMMON!!!
I am an Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day JUNKIE!!! I have an entire blog devoted to bread, because of that very book!!!

I haven't purchased ANY bread in 8months!!! i make all my own!!!

Okay... I'll stop gushing...

So glad I found the One Minute Writer and this blog!!!

Anonymous said...

This necklace is adorable! I would love to own it!

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say,
Send that necklace right away!
It will make my day!


Anonymous said...

I hope I win I hope I win!

Anonymous said...

My sweet songbird son
Gifts me with kisses and paint.
He’s learning to sing.

There's nobody but Cameron to give me Valentine's gifts, and while his are lovely ... I'd sooooo love that necklace!

Jacqueline said...

I'm completely unpoetic, rhyming or not. I'll leave that to the talented mommies here but oh how I love Lisa's jewelry.

Laura said...

I'm not a poet and don't even pretend to be, but the neclace is something that would look good on me.

KT said...

Such a cute necklace! I'm excited to find a fun new source of jewelry!

Breana said...

My husband bought me a necklace for my birthday from Lisa Leonard. She is THE BEST!

The bird on your blog
wants to come live on my neck.
Come to mama, bird.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth!
That's a darling necklace. So many of Lisa Leonard's pieces are tempting to me. I asked Mike for the initial necklace for Christmas. Well, I admit that I ordered it myself after he said that it was a great idea! Unfortunately, my children's initials spell D-A-A-M one way and M-A-A-D the other way which isn't great. Fortunately, the letter sit on top of each other and you can't really tell!

M Smith said...

I took a poetry class in college, but never really got into writing haiku well... sorry. :o( But I love the necklace and the giveaway. :o)

petermarysmith AT gmail DOT com

natalie said...

Oh, so cute! And I am so not creative ;)

Great giveaway!

natalie DOT sickman AT yrcw DOT com

Deanna said...

getting a surprise
cannot compare to choosing
the perfect pretty

There, a slightly unromantic haiku! ;)


LAURA said...

I love her jewelry! I've been to her website a few times just to "window shop". This birdie necklace is adorable.

Anonymous said...

birdies are my fave!
that necklace is SUPER TWEET.
oopsie, i mean SWEET.

Anonymous said...

What a great site and a wonderful necklace. I enjoyed reading all the comments. My daughter, Jacqueline, sent me. Good luck!

Elicia said...

hmmm... I'm not a writer. I won't attempt haiku. Megan Fletcher referred me. And I love this necklace. I'm going to have to check out her other jewelry. And my email address is squeaknsneakers@gmail.com. I hope I win...

Queenie said...

Oh my, the little silver bird without a tweet,
but a heart full of love needs a poem for a treat.
I'm thinking and thinking and no thoughts I complete.
Shall I look something up in a book, shall I cheat?
Or shall I have a drink of wine, just relax and put up my feet?
I've always thought better with my feet in the air.
My brains seems to engage with them propped on a chair.
Or resting on a window sill or the edge of the stair.
It seems it might be working!
There are words forming in there...
"Little bird, little bird,
Can you fly your silver wings to me?
I have a special baby sister, bird,
named Robin, don't you see?
She is already so beautiful on the inside, where it matters,
so with you over her heart,
she would be complete, not in tatters.
She's been unlucky in love, little bird, don't you see,
And your sweet silver wings could set her smile free."

Anonymous said...

Its gorgeous and simple.
What can I say? I'd love to win it. Bri W. referred me, and I know she'd love it too.

cmanochio17 at hotmail dot com

Rachael said...

It's so cute! Saw the give-away on Sasha's site, although admitting that decreases my chances, since she gets another entry...right? I'm so honest... :)

TesoriTrovati said...

Ooh! I love giveaways. Such adorable jewelry (from one jewelry designer to another!)

Here is my ode:

here's to the peeper
sweetly singing her praises
to the coming spring

Steph at Problem Solvin' Mom said...

Love, love LOVE Lisa's designs! :)

and am such an awful poet, I won't pain you with a haiku today...


Super Fun Mama said...

Little Birdie
with a heart
reminding me to love

I can't remember exactly what the technicalities of a haiku are but here is a little something.

Very cute and I'd love it.
I heard about it from The Toby Show.

Anonymous said...

I've browsed her designs before, and love her stuff! I've always wanted to but something but couldn't justify buying something for myself. Winning one of her cute pieces would be the perfect solution!

shainazobel @ gmail . com

Heather Flores Photography said...

I love her jewelry, but haven't had the funds for one. I remember you getting yours last year. So pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to win....haiku or not.
It's adorable and so generous of you and Lisa to share!

The Awakened Heart said...

Such a pretty precious bird
I'd love to make him mine
But with other voices heard
My win must be 'Divine'

Love her jewellery - so soulful. I apologise for the poem - no coffee, no inspiration-ee. Came via 'I Used To Be Witty' blog. Great giveaway.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous!I am trying really hard to think of a haiku, but I'm afraid my mind is beat.

Two Little Birds said...

My tired brain can't think poetically, but it can think about how much I love that necklace! Great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I make jewl'ry too,
But not as cute as this is
Now I feel inspired



mkoleary said...

that bird would be sweet,
to show around a real treat
please pick me,
so happy i'll be

Lindsay Ernst said...

the inspiration
of a little birdie
to love again so deeply

What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks so much!! Blessings to you and yours!


Babz said...

Beautiful necklace! I'd love to be the winner :)

Anonymous said...

Nice giveaway, Beth
Pretty little bird of love
Makes me think of spring

Thanks for the opportunity!

Jodi said...

Ooh, I love that necklace. I am really bad at poetry and will spare you the disapointment! I would love to win it, or second best, have my good friend, Lyndsay (I used to be witty) win. She referred me over here!

The Vinson Five said...

Oh I love Lisa Leonard and really love this necklace.

Between Hitching Posts said...

I love this necklace. We use to call my son "baby bird" when he was newly born. He use to gape his mouth open to be fed like a baby bird & would only sleep to birds chirping on our white noise maker we had for him.
I REALLY want this necklace.

lfalduto said...

This necklace is too tweet! Erin sent me to post and I am glad she did. What a fun blog!

Caroline said...

Sleepless Winter nights
Won't help you write haiku,
just silly entries

Very sweet necklace Beth.

Grand Pooba said...

What a cute birdie,
I am so in on this one,
Now here's who sent me!

Lyndsay from I used to be witty!

Make sure you give her an extra entry for me! (But not any more than that, I want to win too ya know!)


Oh and you can contact me on my blog I think you probably know that if you click on my pic it'll take you there :)

Anonymous said...

The necklace is adorable.

I ordered a Lisa Leonard necklace after you posted about yours last year. I love mine.

Julie said...

Great Giveaway! My sister at http://deannam.blogspot.com/ pointed me your direction.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bird you'll be
when upon my neck you'll soon be free.
My adoration for you won't end
So, please to my house send my little bird friend.

wayfarer said...

so sweet! I'd love this sweet little birdie. I can't write a haiku right now but i will write one if i win. :-)

Beth Akins said...

Sing o, little birdie, sing
of a new home to fly to.
I'll keep you near me.

Oh, what a cutie! I'd love for birdie to come live near my heart!
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Sweet little birdie
Find a home upon my neck
You are cute as heck!

How beautiful and so much fun entering. Posting this on my blog....

Tia said...

I love this necklace to much so I decided to enter! As Paige mentioned earlier, we do have a contest every year and she ALWAYS wins. I need the necklace so I can brag back a little...

D said...

Love the necklace!

Lyndsay from I Used to Be Witty sent me over.

Unknown said...

Tia sent me here
For a little bragging tool
Everybody wins!

Sent here by "my life as I know it"

Peace - Rene

"aclockworkchild" said...

What a cute necklace!
I hope I win -but I never do :(
(Can I double-credit both C.Beth and Lyndsay for this great giveaway?!)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful necklace!


Anonymous said...

Here goes...

Chubby Silver Bird
With the tiny pointed beak
You need to be mine


Anonymous said...

A Haiku for you...

My neck seems so bare.
Tiny bird around a chain
would make it better.


Small birds rest in trees.
Trees that reach into our heads
and on shoulders rest.

Last one...

Be my Valentine.
The one resting on my heart,
hanging from a chain.

,, said...

Little birdie, tweet
From your head down to your feet
My you are so sweet

janetfaye said...

The necklace is very pretty.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

Gator said...

Beth, I love her stuff... I told my DH that since he hasn't given me a baby gift any of the other times I've birthed him a child, he has to this time.... and that I want a necklace from Lisa! We'll see if he remembers this come August... Anyway, I love her stuff and its just awesome that you're able to give something away from her :D BTW, Anna sent me via her blog... Although, I saw it on JL's too... Do they both get credit? To be fair, I saw Anna's first...

Jenny said...

I love this necklace....and I love contests! If I win I will develop a love for Haiku and you will be the first to hear my poetry! ;)

Anonymous said...

animals I love
this bird is no exception
i shall name her Flo

I LOVE haiku's and this contest. Thank you! Tia sent me.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful piece
like an exquisite window
where we see robins

Thanks for the chance to enter! The Toby Show sent me. amanda.lamb@verizon.net

golonghorns said...

What a sweet necklace. I'll toss my name in the hat!

Anonymous said...

I love Lisa Leonard necklaces! And I reached your giveaway from The Toby Show. :)

jll2800 AT yahoo DOT come

Anonymous said...

sweet birdie necklace
look at all the comments here
can I get lucky

(I reached you from The Toby Show!)

Lynette said...

Sparkle and shiny
This bobble I would buy me
Win it I’d rather

Loretta Davila said...

So many asking...
Will give a try anyway
Little bird to own!

Such is my comment! The fun is in the journey! Lorettastlogic

Songbird Mama said...

I also LOVE a haiku! They are simple and fun to write and quick to read...
peck peck said the bird
on my neck did the bird peck
spring bird on my neck

Anonymous said...

My neck is naked
I would like a chick on it
Please, oh please pick me

Mary said...

hope it's not too late,
for this lovely bait,
it was anna who sent me,
so pick me, me, me! ;)

Dadasaurus said...

I would love to have this little bird. And valentines day is my birthday :) Really. But I hope I get lucky anyway